A letter written by Jewish groups has accused Jeremy Corbyn of not being able to change his thinking on Israel. Corbyn's far left thinking influences his attitude towards Jews and he is so entrenched in those views that there is no way back for him.

The letter directly attacks Anti-Semitic elements in the Labour party. The letter will be delivered to the Labour party, whether they be MP's or grassroots members.

Jewish groups are also angry with Mr Corbyn for admiring a mural by artist Mear One. The mural depicts Jewish businessmen ruling the world through finance.

Mear One when the mural was displayed back in 2012 admitted his mural would cause offence.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn is to meet Jewish groups to build bridges between the Labour party and the Jewish Community.

Mr Corbyn: For Palestine

It is on record that Mr Corbyn has a fondness for Palestinian self-determination and has attended many rallies over the years supporting the right of the Palestinian people to have a state of their own.

Unfortunately, some have pointed to his words about Hamas being his friends as evidence he supports terrorism.

Whatever you think of Mr Corbyn the Palestinians do have a right to self-determination.

Anti-Zionsim does not equal Anti-Semitism!

In the letter mentioned in this article, Mr Corbyn is considered a figurehead for Anti-Semites.

While there are certainly grounds for that, not every Anti-Zionist is against the Jews. Jews it has to be said have suffered terribly through the years because of pogroms and the holocaust. It seems many Jews and non-Jewish supporters of Israel, however, think the country can do no wrong. It also seems Israel supporters turn a blind eye when it comes to the suffering of Palestinians perpetrated by Israel.

Israel's government today has some decidedly nasty individuals in its cabinet like Avigdor Lieberman. Mr Lieberman has said some very some disturbing things about the Palestinians in the past. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also been accused of extreme nationalism bordering on Fascism. If Israel today is behaving like an apartheid state and acts out of all proportion when dealing with Palestinians you can still support Israel but condemn it surely.

Every time Israel is attacked for its actions up comes the Holocaust. The thing is though, Zionism itself has been accused of fascistic-like doctrines and it is easy to see why. The policies of Israel today are driven by Zionism in how Israel acts towards the Palestinians. It matters not what party rules Israel Labour or Likud the policies are the same. The illegal settlement of the West Bank, the barrier wall, the blockading of Gaza and the killing of thousands of Palestinians since 1948 all bear this out. The latest policy not helping Israeli-Palestinians relationships is Trump moving Israel's capital to Jerusalem (probably this May). Of course, Israelis have died too in the conflict but not in the numbers Palestinians have.

Many Zionist Christians support Israel because they see the Jews as still being God's chosen. As a Christian myself but of the non-Zionist variety I politely disagree with them. They need to remember Jesus was for everyone not just Jews as we go into this Easter weekend.