The ongoing war in Syria is a conflict which bares the greatest risk of a Proxy war, conducted on a full scale between America, Russia and China. Stubborn advocacy of the so-called moderate armed opposition against Assad, which even led to the bombing of the Deir-ez-Zor defenders by the US Air Force, has turned out to be the biggest mistake of US foreign policy in the 21st century.

Trump said it directly

During his Saturday speech in Richfield, Ohio, US President Donald Trump issued a statement saying there should be no need to maintain the American military presence in Syria.

The American armed forces in Syria will be withdrawing 'very soon'.

Great victory for Putin's Russia

The Yanks must launch a more successful anti-guerilla warfare in Afghanistan, however, they are also in desperate need to save money because of a terrifying amount of national debt. On the other hand, the Russian national economy is at present fully employed, the Russian national debt very small and, owing to the rearmamanent, the Russian state should be considered a superpower once again.

The Russian generals proved to be really hard but clever fellows, ready to die in battle together with their Syrian allies. They have successfully used methods known since ancient Roman times; a mixture of crushing military pressure, mercy and forgiveness - including a generous humanitarian aid for those who changed their minds in favour of Bashar Assad.

But the Western powers choose the wrong way, ensuring political support and military aid for so-called freedom fighters, without terms and conditions, only to overthrow the comparatively moderate Alawites rule in Damascus.

Trump's decision could put end to wasting money and soldiers' lives

The Obama administration had some idea how to support the anti-Assad forces which proved to be ridiculous: a few F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter jets were deployed in Malaysia to discourage Syrian and Russian attack jet fighters with the Raptors’ presence in the Syrian sky.

As soon as the US jets left the area to refuel, the Russians made another bombing run, one by one. Because of an excellent Russian intelligence service, many other similar efforts to disturb the Russian and government forces operations were in vain.

If Russian revenge follows 2000 American servicemen could be trapped. One American and one British serviceman were killed Thursday by an improvised explosive device in Syria.

Their lives were lost for nothing. The Alawites, the Sufis and indigenous Christian population, against whom the war was waged since 2011, also their mighty Russian and Chinese friends are in Syria to stay. On the other hand, America and Britain don’t need this to turn out similar to the Mogadishu slaughter.

America first and Syria for the Syrians

Trump's remark that the US spent 7 billion dollars in Syria and achieved nothing but crushing the Islamic State terror group should be considered as significant. Also, his decision to freeze $200m of overseas aid which had been promised for areas held by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces to help them to rebuild Eastern Syrian townships, being destroyed like Dresden by American bombardments, is an important one.

As Donald Trump said: "We’re knocking the hell out of Isis. We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon.” Also: “Let the other people take care of it now." These other people will be, with no doubt, the Russians and the Chinese. How these friends of Syrian Alawites and Christians would manage the task to repudiate the signs of total war which has ravaged the country is not clear, and their possible failure is the only hope which is left for the opponents of any strong Russian influence in the Middle East.