Union leaders are once again looking to embroil members into a damaging and illegal general strike that will improve the well-being of no one over the next few years. Once again the cry goes out from the left for the country to pay and borrow more money, even though it is heavily in both deficit and debt.

I have imagined below a speech delivered on behalf of the five Union leaders that are already paid more than the Prime Minister of this country. According to a recent TaxPayers' Alliance study: Larry Broderick, General Secretary of the Financial Services Union (£164,723), former National Association of Head Teachers boss Russell Hobby (£161,548), John Smith, of the Musicians’ Nation-Union (£155,728), Tim Poil, of the Nationwide Group Staff Union (£153,055) and TUC chief Frances O’Grady (£152,365) are all on more than the PM's £150 thousand per year.

As you read on just consider how much hope, support and respect the left wing causes would capture if only the speech were true.

The speech from Socialist visionaries

"This speech lays out the plans developed by we five union leaders who together are all on more money than the Prime Minister. We realise understandable criticism has been directed towards us and our colleagues for preaching socialism yet taking salaries many, many times that of our average workers, directly from their contributions. We also know many UK citizens are sick of being told to pay more and us telling Government what to do with the money without any examples of how left-wing policies could thrive in today's world.

To counter that we have decided to start up a company, with our own money.

The company will be called NAULAT. Not All Union Leaders Are Twits. Excuse me; (what was that Len? No it's definitely an I, not an A). Sorry, my colleague was questioning the spelling of the last word. Anyway, this company will focus on building much-needed affordable housing. All staff will be paid handsomely as we won't exploit Labour, the rates for letting will be the cheapest in the country, the builds will all be of the highest quality, sprinklers included in all and any filthy profits that we do make will be paid in tax to the Government or given to charities.

We will prosper financially in no way, after all, we are already lavishly paid.

We hope that this initiative will encourage more Union leaders, politicians, wealthy Bishops and conscientious members of the music and film industries, (presently contemptuously known as luvvies), to do the same. Develop companies that deliver high-quality education, transport, farming, banking etc. This will demonstrate that people with wealth can and will develop excellent companies that drive the economy and make everyone, but especially the poor, better off.

When this is proven and driving enormous good, we feel we will then have the moral right to ask people, who perhaps don't share our politics, but have risked everything and worked hard to become wealthy, to pay a little more in tax and suggest ways forward to the Government of the day."

No Takers? How odd!

Any takers I wonder? Not come up with any ideas like this yourselves already? Perhaps instead of risking personal wealth and working hard in productive jobs for no further personal profit, it may be easier to incite insurrection and blame the rich (except yourselves) for the state of the country? Yes? Especially when so many people already paying your eye-watering wages, are gullible enough to believe you?

I feared as much.

Don't be taken in by what these people say, examine what they do!