When I was in my early twenties I remember going on holiday to France. I bought a very cheap France Vacances train ticket and had a great two weeks travelling around what is surely one of the most beautiful and varied countries in the world. The ticket began at calais station and I remember the anticipation of walking from the ferry port to the train station in the middle of the town, in the early morning sun. It was one of the highlights of the holiday.

The abandonment of Calais to anarchy

Now that same journey would be as hazardous as walking along the North/South Korean border or the area separating Indian and Pakistan troops in Kashmir.

The lovely town of Calais and its environs have been abandoned to the squalor and violence of an illegal immigrant stronghold, where marauding groups of almost exclusively young men try every means at their disposal to get into the UK. Barriers are thrown across motorways risking death to ordinary people, haulage drivers are abused, threatened, sometimes assaulted, commerce and travel are interrupted as the invaders try to walk down Channel tunnels, running fights with French and English authorities and security staff prevail and thousands of these men get across to England before claiming asylum or, more often, disappearing to other unsuspecting English haunts.

These men are predominantly Muslim.

They cannot have been properly vetted and the murderous ISIS group who have recently been dislodged from Syria and Iraq have vowed to send their fighters to Europe and the USA to supplement those countries own home grown imbeciles. None of these people are valid refugees. To be so they have to claim asylum in the first safe country - Turkey, Italy, France, Greece, Spain perhaps.

Help refugees on their country's borders. It's international law and here's why

David Cameron got many things wrong as Prime Minister but one thing he got absolutely correct was refusing to take in so-called refugees from Calais and similar areas. Instead the UK provided support for them on the Borders of the country they were fleeing from.

This made identifying genuine refugees more possible, it supported the more vulnerable women and real children who were not strong enough to make the journey to Calais (not thirty-year-olds hoodwinking naive or complicit charity workers into believing they were fourteen). It damaged the vermin involved in people trafficking and it facilitated the return to their country of origin for genuine refugees when the crisis had passed.

Instead Angela Merkel invited all of Africa and Asia to come on over. Jean Claude Juncker and his band of idiots demanded borders remain completely unprotected. The Southern European countries, overrun with illegal immigrants, took to shipping them North in trains and busses rather than stopping them and turning them back, with a vast number ending up in Calais, intent on getting to the UK to take advantage of our ridiculously generous welfare system.

The next step was inevitable. Imbecilic, virtue signalling British celebrities, Arch Bishops, Union activists, naive teenagers, Antifa thugs and Marxists began demanding the UK take them all in and pay for them forever with someone else's money. Now as the education, welfare, housing, policing and especially the Health services begin to crack under the strain of taking between a third and a half million people a year, every year (no one knows the exact number because so many have sneaked in), those very same people are screaming at everyone else to hurry up and pay more.

We help no one by destroying ourselves

I do not blame anyone, other than murderous terrorists, for trying to get a better life.

But the UK has been developed over centuries to get to the position it was in a few years ago. The previous generation and dozens of generations before them had worked and fought and suffered. They had taken in a controllable number of refugees in real crisis and provided generously for other nations around the world to grow. They also provided the people of the UK with the right to continue making the best choices for their country without being dictated to by EU unelected gravy train surfers or left wing fanatics who do nothing with their own money but demand others fund every lunatic scheme imaginable.

This is wrong. The only viable way forward is to halt all immigration until it can be controlled again.

Make sure that everyone knows people who enter illegally will be held in detention whatever the EU courts demand and then quickly shipped out of the UK. By doing this, the belief that we are a soft touch will quickly be proven wrong and demand will reduce. The town of Calais should be cleared of these shanty towns for good. Recently people living in these areas have been killed by other groups living in them. This must surely illustrate, even to the very stupid that nobody, not the UK, France, nor indeed these would be immigrants themselves benefit by allowing pits of disease and violence to remain.

We cannot thrive as a country by providing within our borders for half of Africa and half of Asia.

No one benefits when we become poor and barbaric ourselves and need to crawl to another country to help us survive. If the EU demands that is what member states do it is up to them, although Hungary, Austria, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, even Germany itself are beginning to rebel to one degree or another, refusing to accept quotas or demanding votes to leave the EU, or delivering right wing anti Islam politicians to positions of power in unprecedented numbers. The UK, however, has, thankfully, chosen to leave the EU and govern ourselves.

As the wicked, self-destroying stupidity illustrated above demonstrates, implementing that decision fully, cannot be done quickly enough.