I was astounded last night when I found out that Tony Blair, the man more responsible than any other for the disastrous uncontrolled immigration, (encouraged simply so that his party would garner more votes), that is now on the point of ruining the social infrastructure of the UK, was calling for tougher immigration controls on EU citizens entering the country. This man recklessly allowed his Chancellor Gordon Brown to spend like a drunk at a wedding, failed to monitor the insane practices of the banks for over a decade and threw away any possibility of controlling immigration which has gone up by hundreds of thousands a year since 2002, and peaked at over a third of a million in one year.

He wants to do this of course so that we don't have to leave the EU. We can then remain a fount of cash and gravy train jobs for himself and his chums into perpetuity.

This man knows no shame and can see no irony. Fortunately, he is one of the most disrespected and disliked politicians in the country both by ordinary people and members of the Labour party, so, fortunately, his rantings will lead to nothing.

The serious problem of Labour backing illegal union action

The more serious problem is John Mcdonnell, shadow Chancellor and de facto deputy of the Labour party. He spoke publicly yesterday at a rally outside the Trades Union Congress and vowed he would show solidarity with the Union's Public Sector pay strike.

Len McClusky, leader of the Unite union had previously said he would break strike laws to protect his members' interests. Thus the deputy leader of a party that may soon govern the country has encouraged and promised to support the breaking of the laws of the land.

More lawless rhetoric was heard - Sean Hoyle of the RMT rail union repeated his promise using the same abusive language as he had previously, to ensure a national rail strike takes place.

An effort to manipulate union members into supporting his illegal initiative for bringing down the government. Ronnie Draper of the Bakers Food and Allied Workers union encouraged members to break laws by coordinating strike action, reasoning they can't lock us all up. So much disregard for the law, so much support from McDonnell!

Many people won't remember the time Labour was in power for any length of time prior to Blair and Brown. From the mid-seventies until 1979 Jim Callaghan led the party that first allowed unions to have power and then were unable to control how they misused that power. From the late seventies until well into the 80's when Margret Thatcher finally gained back control of the country, removed some of the excessive union power and began the process of making the UK solvent again, chaos reigned. Red Derek Robinson presided over the demise of the car building industry starting with British Leyland, Arthur Scargill coordinated violent coal strikes and Derek Hatton deputy leader of Liverpool City Council and member of the Trotsky Militant group set up an illegal deficit budget within the City committing it to spending 30 million pounds more than its income and in effect bankrupting Liverpool.

Bodies were not buried across the country and rubbish was not collected (much as in Birmingham today).

McDonnell's beliefs and previous actions make Blair seem moderate and a cautious spender. The man reveres the actions of Hugo Chavez that have turned Venezuela into a poverty stricken Hellhole. He is committed to overthrowing the Capitalist system, that's the system by the way, that has provided me, you, him and everyone else within the UK protection, food and one of the most envied lifestyles in the world.

Don't condone this damaging action

The debacle of that Labour Government culminated with the then Labour Chancellor Dennis Healey going cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund begging them to bail out the United Kingdom.

This newly promised illegal TUC action, backed by the Labour Party's deputy leader is again timed to do the worst damage to the country. As we leave the EU we must be ready to compete on the world stage and take maximum advantage of the wonderful opportunities. Labour want to return the UK to the role of the sick man of Europe - a title it deserved under the Government of Callaghan. Anyone who supports the shameless behaviour of Blair and particularly McDonnell is guaranteeing a disaster that everyone in the country will be forced to share in.