Hungary is a tiny country of ten million people in the middle of Europe. We could say, politically and strategically irrelevant, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Orbán Viktor, the prime minister of Hungary makes plenty of waves in the European Union, and not necessarily good ones. His campaign against immigrants is now worldwide known, calling them terrorists. He ordered a 175 km long fence built at the southern border in order to stop the migrants from flowing into the country. But he did not stop there; he wants Hungarians to fear from every stranger and build up their own fences, but this time in their own mind.

Corruption is growing

As the elections are coming, Orbán has realised, he can use migration as a weapon for his own cause. He and his party Fidesz ( Alliance of Young Democrats ) are aiming to win the upcoming elections next spring, no matter what. For years Fidesz has given many of the main positions in banks, courts, newspapers etc. to their own comrades. They want to be sure, no matter what they do, their dodgy actions can’t be accounted for. The corruption in the country, in the last 10 years has grown gradually, reaching historical heights. They are not afraid anymore because they don’t think they will ever be prosecuted for their acts.

In order to hide their shady deals, they need something that diverts people from seeing the truth.

They need something that people can be angry about, something they can hate. That person became the Hungarian born philanthropist George Soros. The Hungarian government makes him responsible for the migration. As they say, he has a plan how to take in 1 million migrants each year, and he is going to make us citizens pay for it.

They put thousands of billboards with the face of George Soros all over Hungary, to make us believe, he is the number one enemy of Hungary. He is the one, who is responsible for everything that is wrong in Hungary.

An enemy has been created

The wages are low? Soros’ fault. The healthcare is failing? Soros’ fault. Tens of thousands of young citizens are leaving the country?

Soros is the responsible! Instead of being responsible for their own mistakes, they have created an enemy. Sadly the propaganda is working. After the government took over most of the local newspapers, TV channels and websites, they brainwash the people. They make them believe, what they are saying is the truth, the one and only truth.

The elections are approaching fast and the support for the Ruling Party doesn’t seem to fade. The elections won’t only decide who governs for the next four years but will decide the long-term future for Hungary. For a country that is yet again suffering from a party’s oppression over its own nation. Four more years of Fidesz ruling could deepen the crisis, into a depth of no return.