The BBC has long held a reputation for reliable and comprehensive news gathering and reporting. Over the last decade, that reputation has been tarnished by any hint of neutrality being superseded by a desire to promote a left-wing agenda. This week, however, has seen it lose their reputation completely by its failure to report the large-scale, possibly industrial scale rape of children in Telford.

This hateful, systematic abuse has been going on for over forty years and while the story has been covered to one degree or another by almost every other news outlet the BBC has made every effort to pretend it never happened.

"Nothing to see here Gov, move along, no pictures please, say nothing or you'll be in the clinky for hate speech quick, sharp, sudden!"

I know the Russians allegedly put a UK policeman in hospital while trying to bump off a spy and his daughter. This was an act that displayed both Russia's increasingly reckless aggression and the pathetic, truly hopeless quality of Jeremy Corbyn as a potential leader.

Another story demonstrated the loutish aggression of former Liverpool footballer Jamie Carragher, but these stories pale in comparison with hundreds, possibly thousands of our vulnerable children being systematically gang-raped by gangs of vermin. This is the same pattern of behaviour that has occurred in many large UK cities including Rotherham, Rochdale, Newcastle, Leeds, Oxford and God knows how many more.

It's no good, the cat's out of the bag

But listening to the BBC it seems it would struggle to be less important. I watched the BBC news programme local to Telford, Midlands Today twist itself in knots trying to talk about this barbarity without naming the offenders and certainly without betraying their religion. The difficulty is the names are out there as Mubarek Ali, his brother and another five Asian men were banged up in 2013.

Should we note them as Asian men, as none were Chinese or Japanese, or would it be more accurate to call them Muslim men as was the case with the overwhelming majority in the other cities named?

This, however, does not fit with the BBC agenda. They don't want this truth outing. It highlights the problem Islam has with sexual offending, especially in gangs and especially with white non-Muslim girls.

This repeated, appalling abuse is being perpetrated by hundreds of these men on thousands of girls. It is endemic!

More wicked political correctness

Reports already released demonstrate that political correctness has caused more girls to suffer unnecessarily sustained abuse because people who worked for police, local authorities and other organisations were (rightly) afraid of being accused of Islamaphobia.

Rather than understand this and ensure it never happens again, the BBC carry on hiding this shameful behaviour and perpetuating loathsome political correctness. Their reputation is lost as hopefully the Licence Fee soon will be too and the BBC can be something from the 50s and 60s that we can all look back on with nostalgic affection.

Just a postscript. While covering the story there was some discussion that other organisations were involved. To their eternal shame Midlands Today had no qualms about naming the Jehovah's Witnesses, although no one from that organisation has ever been proven to be involved. Their mask slipped. Name and deflect blame onto Christians but protect the guilty Muslims at all costs!

Come on BBC, improve your news reporting dramatically or have the decency to fall on your sword.