Anna Soubry is causing mischief again. We should not be surprised. Her one quality is that she speaks her mind in an era of vanilla politicians who stand for nothing, but Soubry loves notoriety. She has now decided that she is the sole arbitrator of who holds Conservative values and who does not, that Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg don't and that she won't stay in a party taken over by those two.

"Great" shout the overwhelming number of Conservative party supporters (as opposed perhaps to Conservative MP's), "get lost!"

This MP along with many other politicians from the main parties, Heseltine, Clarke, Blair, Mandelson, Cable, Clegg etc, are behaving in a despicable and anti-democratic way.

By trying with all means at their disposal to sabotage the clearly expressed desire by 17 plus million people in the UK, a clear majority of those who bothered to vote, to leave the bullying, failing, oppressive EU, they are proving themselves to be self-serving vassals of this wannabe superstate.

The biggest problem that the Conservatives face with this agenda, that Soubry, Heseltine, Clarke and the rest are causing is not, however, the threat of damaging Brexit, although they will damage the terms we can obtain. The vote stands, a date is set to leave, the economy and employment figures prove that the remain campaign was founded on lies and deceit and the UK public simply would not stand for such overt destruction of their demands.

A more hidden menace lurks, however; the present day UK Labour Party.

Don't let these people anywhere near power

The Labour Party is not actually the Labour Party anymore. It does not support the working family, it does not encourage labour or business, it does not protect nor defend the population of the country and decent MP's like Sarah Champion and Kate Hoey are the target of Momentum thugs.

These Union agitators, anti-Semites, and Marxist ideologues are intent on lying to gain election and then ruining the country by swamping it with debt it can't and won't pay back. We will never be able to trade on any world stage again.

Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has spent decades in Parliament voting against every Government Conservative or Labour in favour of all the enemies of this country. The man he has chosen to be his Chancellor is a fiscal incompetent once sacked by Ken Livingston when he was Mayor of London for almost bankrupting the capital and who quotes incendiary remarks about lynching a Conservative female politician to gain roaring support from misogynistic extremists in his party.


The woman chosen to be his Home Secretary is a person who has demonstrated a contempt for white people, law, and order and is an incompetent laughing stock throughout the UK, who had to be withdrawn from campaigning at the last election. This fearful trio could hold three of the four great offices of state, all controlled by the unions who own them hook, line and sinker.

Yet incredibly this party is neck and neck with the Conservatives with the UK at the most important crossroads in its history since 1979 when a Labour Government oversaw the bankrupting of the country, unions ruling industry and the then Chancellor, Dennis Healey having to go cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund to bail the UK out.

Labour's inability to develop industry, control unions, oversee financial institutions, protect citizens from terrorism and control immigration are far worse now than Forty Years ago, but they might be elected again. It is unacceptable for Conservative MP's to prioritise their own careers and preferences above keeping these fanatics out of power.

The way to prosperity and security

We must allow no further disruption to offer opportunities to either Corbyn or the remain sharks that are circling. We have made too many concessions already to the EU and the more resolute rhetoric we are now hearing is welcome. Mrs. May remains a problem. If she can stiffen her resolve against the EU bullies, it might be best for her to stay until we are out of the EU in early 2019.

She must not, however, be allowed to enter another election as leader.

She still seems terrified every time she appears on national television, almost to be on the point of a breakdown. A strong pro leave team should be put together. Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Gove, Davis, Fox with a smooth transfer of power taking place, overseen by the powerful 1922 Committee. The UK should then begin to immediately implement trade deals with the USA, China, Japan, India, Canada, Australia New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil and the many other countries who want to trade with us.

As we begin to thrive and thrive we will, the possibility of Labour getting into power will recede into the distance, with us all counting our blessings on dodging that bullet. As an extra bonus. Anna Soubry will by that time have defected to the Liberal Democrats and be busying herself with making that party even more irrelevant than ever.