We all occasionally say things we later wish we could eat. It is even more awkward when those things are widely reported and very high profile, so in normal circumstances, it would be difficult not to feel some sympathy for Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott about their statements over the catastrophe that is Venezuela. Resist that temptation for sympathy.

Those statements were not slips of the tongue but the very embodiment of what those three politicians, each now only one disastrous election away from power in the United Kingdom believe. The quotes are too numerous to deny.

McDonnell signed a House of Commons motion paying tribute to Hugo Chavez. Corbyn quoted the following on Twitter "Thanks, Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world." Abbott stated, “Venezuela has shown us that another way is possible.”

Let's have a look at Venezuela then

Less than two decades ago Venezuela was one of the richest countries in South America. It sat on some of the greatest amounts of oil reserves in the world. It was a seemingly stable democratic country. Now inflation is expected to top 3000% this year, and the economy shrank by 19%. Imports have crashed by almost half. Murder is so rampant they can't even compile accurate data and food is so scarce most of the population is going hungry, even if they have some money.

Maduro succeeded Chavez and three years ago, printed oceans of money; the oil price collapse and destruction by the Government of the oil industry had left him with little choice. Of course, it could not work, hence the eye watering inflation rate. Caracas is now one of the least desirable cities in the world Now armed militias dedicated to keeping the regime in power reportedly roam the streets and kill protesters and who knows how many others with impunity.

How the hell did it all come to this?

Chavez swept to power in the '98 elections (one year after Blair). He abolished Venezuela's upper house and removed many controls on his power. Importantly he did not see businesses as private resources/mone but merely seized them as assets of the state. When the owners complained, they were labelled enemies of the revolution.

It is something the older generations have seen several times in the past. The seemingly simple solution of confiscating private wealth, developing total state control and suffering no objection. It never works! Many will remember in 89 when the hated Berlin Wall came down, the way almost everyone ran from East to West.

Many young people don't see. Blaming them is hard. Every generation seems to have to live through experiences to learn from them. It's a tragedy that means Corbyn and his mob will probably gain power at some point. We must hope the consequences will not be as hideous as they have proven for Venezuela.

A far better option though would be to look at Venezuela. In one thing Abbott was right, it has shown us another way. Poverty, murder, hunger, fear. Don't let the believers take the UK along the same path.