It is difficult to overstate the importance to the United Kingdom of the Brexit negotiations we are now embarked upon. It was clear from well before the referendum that this was a defining step in our nation's history. Contrary to what many of the die-hard Remainers are desperately trying to now make us believe, the possible hazards (far more so than the potential benefits) were pointed out clearly by Cameron, Osborne, Carney the Governor of the Bank of England, Obama, President of the USA, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Christine Lagarde from the International Monetary Fund, Jean Claude Junker the President of the European Commission and a host of others.

It was made absolutely clear that this was a one off vote that would be acted on. If we voted 'leave' we would regain sovereignty over our laws, borders, money, and trade, but we would face considerable financial challenges.

We voted to leave and we must leave!

We voted to leave! Over 17 million people, the largest popular vote in the nation's history voted to leave and now leave we must and on terms that hold true to regaining that sovereignty promised after a wait of so many decades. Anything less will be a betrayal of democracy that will lead to civil unrest and possibly worse. It is clear that it is the duty of everyone to get behind this project, stop talking the UK down and grasp the opportunities that can provide a better economic future than ever before.

For those who simply can't do this, at least they should have the grace to step back, keep quiet and allow those of us who want this opportunity the chance to make it work. They must stop working behind the scenes to undermine the well-being of the nation. During the first half of the last century, the behaviour of many of these prominent people would have seen them shot for treason.

Teresa May has been talking about leading the Conservatives into the next election. Sadly this can't be allowed to happen. Her inability to campaign, appear spontaneous or get people to warm to her was horribly exposed last time. The inability to adapt or think on her feet and her terror of going off script came close to allowing the unthinkable.

The worst ever leader of the Labour party, a man that had knocked together a shadow cabinet who's only ability appeared to be that they had not, in most cases, resigned after showing no confidence in him; getting into power and ruining any chances for the future prosperity of this country. She can never be allowed another chance to campaign as the head of the Tories.

Respect if we leave with our sovereignty intact

She can, however, leave politics with her head held high and with the gratitude of the country if she can negotiate an effective divorce from the EU. Mrs. May showed some true courage by not resigning after that catastrophic election. A resilient person, a patriot and a woman who understands she has a duty to people other than herself, she carried on as Prime Minister.

She knew failing to do so could mean another election and the horrors of a Corbyn government. She has so far managed to steady the ship and that is enormously to her credit.

She has been making sure her ministers have been doing their best to develop opportunities. David Davis is a tough, pro Brexit negotiator who is not easy to bully. Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Davis and the PM herself, along with a host of other ministers have been meeting with Heads of State or senior ministers in the USA, Japan, China, New Zealand, Bogota, India and almost everywhere in between. Most of the wealthy and developing economies in the world really want a vibrant trade deal with the UK, we are the world's fifth largest economy why wouldn't they?

When this lot demand stay we know we were right to leave

Labour have been prevaricating and causing trouble at every opportunity, simply to gain Corbyn and the unions their chance to turn the UK into a new Venezuela. The Lib Dems remain determined to be anti-Liberal and certainly anti-Democratic. They want to remain under the control of the corrupt, restrictive and incompetent EU (when was the last time EU accounts were signed off as true and accurate? 22 years ago? I just forget) in perpetuity, as do the Scottish Nationals and Sinn Fein. What a horrible bunch of conspirators that lot make. When you add in the self-serving heads of the European organisations Lagarde, Junker, and Tusk, mentioned earlier and Tony Blair, Michael Heseltine, Peter Mandelson and Sadiq Khan, it becomes one of the most convincing arguments that could possibly be made.

It reinforces the belief that if this lot oppose it, then leaving must be the best thing we could ever do.

Let us honour the wishes of the people. Go now on our own terms and begin to seize the fantastic opportunities that our nation has been prevented from doing for generations.