The Lammy report recently delivered, is a document that displays the anti white, perpetrator excusing, damaging nonsense that we have come to expect from this worthy fellow. The paper highlights his belief that statistically people from Black and Ethnic Minority (BEM) backgrounds are treated more harshly within the UK justice system.

How odd these points were omitted

Lammy conveniently omits a few salient facts, these include the far higher ratio of black and particularly Caribbean Young males in London who are part of the violent gang culture and the comparatively high percentage of Asian Muslim males involved in the illegal sexual exploitation of white girls across the country.

Involvement in this type of activity will inevitably and rightly mean proportionately more of those groups will be imprisoned. He cites poverty as a key player but very few of the people he is concerned for were placed in custody for stealing steak pies and bread from Tesco. This is something I might do if my family were hungry, or stealing body warmers or other protective clothing as might be expected if they were cold.

Another important fact is that not even Lammy claimed that the actions of the police or judiciary were actually wrong. After all, there are very strict sentencing guidelines in place and it would be easy to spot any inappropriate sentencing. In the same way, all custody cells are monitored with CCTV as are many of the actions of the police relating to stop and search.

No, Lammy seems concerned that the officials have acted within the law, but have used their permitted discretion to disadvantage certain groups. Tellingly he also makes no mention of how UK white nationals are treated when they break the law in some of these BME countries. Any contravention of Islamic law in an Islamic majority country is treated very harshly indeed, but that does not concern the great man.

Looking at real justice never has.

Groundbreaking project. Outstanding results

He can, however, be comforted by the broadening of a trial that has already taken place by many millions of people of Oriental origin residing in the UK. This trial has now been taken up by millions of other BEM citizens and has produced fantastic results.

These people, many from very disadvantaged backgrounds, have become involved with a trial that has very simple requirements. They simply have determined to not break the law. They have refused to carry knives or guns, become members of hate filled gangs, take illegal drugs or excessive alcohol or become involved in burglary or car theft to fund these loathsome activities. Irrespective of how many times they have been stopped and searched they have had nothing illegal found on them. They have chosen to behave in a cooperative, non abusive way with the police and have seen many encounters end with much less upsetting results. They have scuppered the ability of the police or judiciary to disadvantage them.

Feedback from both the CPS and the police welcomes this initiative. If only more people took this approach instead of whining when they were caught, spitting at officers and having imbeciles write reports excusing awful behaviour, the entire country, including these individuals, would do a whole lot better.

Don't excuse terrible behaviour

People generally have little sympathy for any law breaker white, black or green moaning about how badly they have been treated when they are caught. This may be because it is their property being violated or their community attacked. Live in the real world Mr. Lammy.