Another story, another town another one hundred and eight possible victims, nearly all underage girls the youngest thirteen. Girls that were vulnerable, often in council care. Raped multiple times, used as prostitutes, provided with dangerous drugs and alcohol for the profit and pleasure of Asian men. Seventeen of these hateful thugs convicted this time plus one seventeen-year-old, idiot white girl.

Catalogue of Shame

This time it is Newcastle, in 2010 it was Rotherham and Derby, 2012 Rochdale, 2013 Oxford, 2014 Bristol, 2015 Aylesbury and Peterborough, 2016 Bradford, the motley crew above.

How many naive, vulnerable daughters or sisters does this mad catalogue of abuse now include? Some people who should be in a position to know, believe pretty much every large urban town and city in England has a similar problem. If so, what does that bring the fearful tally to now? If this is the tip of the iceberg, how many will that tally rise to? Thousands, tens of thousands?

Let's answer these questions

These and other questions are screaming at us. Are we closing our eyes to the horror of what is actually being done here on an industrial scale? It is hard to imagine what could be worse than underage girls being systematically raped, drugged and passed around for pleasure by vermin. Perhaps most of us simply can't stand the thought of it so we close it off in our mind.

We are so brainwashed by the Liberal agendas that we no longer think what punishment would actually be both reasonable and a deterrent to such acts of barbarity. Chemical Castration? Non-chemical castration? Execution? Too strong. Not for me if it reduced this problem by two-thirds overnight. It won't do? Let's try it. A controlled experiment.

What about the authorities? Evidence in the latest case tells of an off duty probation officer seeing the idiot girl and one of the thugs, herding three drunk teenagers into the back of a car. Knowing she was a convicted sex offender, the probation officer called the police who caught up with them. What happened? Warnings were given for cannabis possession and the girls were driven home.

The report said "Nothing untoward" had happened. This incident occurred three years before the gang was eventually arrested. How many new girls were condemned by this missed opportunity?

In many of the cases highlighted earlier, it has been accepted that fear of being accused of racism has overly constrained authorities. In addition restrictions on the restraints that can be employed in children's homes and by carers and by parents mean that stopping a thirteen-year-old girl doing whatever she wants, no matter how damaging it is to her, is ever more difficult. We are still doing nothing effective to address these problems.

Asian gangs or Muslim gangs?

The reporting is also worth looking at. It is understandable that Muslim men who have nothing to do with such outrages feel vulnerable.

To protect this group most mainstream reporting uses the phrase, Asian men. But these crimes have not been perpetrated by Japanese Asians or Chinese Asians or Sikh Asians or Hindu Asians or Indonesian Asians. They have been perpetrated overwhelmingly by Muslim Asians. Pretending otherwise or trying to hide the truth only inspires people to find out and publish that truth and pour still more fuel on the fire of righteous public outrage when the facts are discovered. Disagree? Have a quick check on Twitter! A far better way to protect any innocent is to properly hold the guilty to account and publish that justice widely.

Do all lives matter?

I have always felt a distaste for the movement, Black Lives Matter. I want to yell "All lives matter!" When I look at the faces of the brutes who destroy the futures of innocent young girls, however, I can't honestly say I believe that all their lives do matter.