Who is Geert Wilders?

He is a divisive figure on the Dutch political scene with as many followers as haters. Known for his anti - Islam stance, his anti - immigration views plus being anti - the European Union Wilders is reflecting a populist politics seen elsewhere.

His great ambition is to emulate Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the United States. Wilders has been compared to the new President saying he wants to make The Netherlands great again. Wilders lives his life in hiding and whenever he is seen out and about is protected by security.

Wilder's Ambition

This maverick politician wishes to contest the Dutch elections in March and become Holland's next Prime Minister. His party the Dutch Freedom Party already sits in the Dutch Parliament as does he.

Geert Wilders said if given the chance he would enact policies to make Holland feel more Dutch in his view. Such policies would be the closing down of Mosques, stopping or limiting Islamic immigration and has said Dutch people should reclaim their streets again.

The Netherlands Muslim population is about 5% of the countries population and many feel unwelcome.

In interviews with news media, Wilders has said that if he were in power Muslims could stay. He followed this up by saying they would only be allowed to stay if they were patriotic Dutch citizens.

Wilders Perception

No doubt the left leaning media whether in the Netherlands or elsewhere will not like Wilders. Calling him all the names that people on the so called far right get called day in and day out. Wilders has attracted the same vitriol that Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage have received.

The people who vote for populists are not necessarily racists when they see their areas changing and feel like outsiders in their own country.

When any populist politicians come along left or right and speak a language the people understand these populists usually do well

While these people might not necessarily become the leader of their country they can change the course of their nation's history like Nigel Farage.