When we voted last June for Brexit did any of us really know what we were voting for? According to Tony Blair those of us who voted out were all misguided and did not know the truth about Britain in a post Brexit world.

Theresa May and Brexit

As Theresa May's 'Hard Brexit' gets under way we will still be in the European Union for many years to come until 2019 most probably. How the UK leaving the EU will affect those Brits in Europe is unknown now. Also, the many Europeans that have migrated to our shores and called the UK their home their status here is still uncertain.

In my opinion those 900,000 Poles that live, work and send their children to our schools now should be allowed to stay. There were rumours doing the rounds that one time Prime Minister Tony Blair was preparing for a way back into British politics but not necessarily as an MP.

Blair's Speech

Now with Blair's speech last week it seems this is Blair's way back into British politics and in his speech to the assembled press he seemed to think that those who voted to leave the EU last June are having second thoughts. He seemed to think that it was possible for British people who voted out to change their mind provided the evidence was put before them.

Tony Blair seems a strange person to set himself up for the remainers, nevertheless he is there to support or not.

The one thing that hangs over Tony Blair is the Iraq War and how this will affect Blair in attracting supporters is unknown.

It seems Tony Blair may need a short, sharp lesson in the fact that politicians like him may have been the reason people voted out. Tony Blair like David Cameron and other traditional politicians are the EU supporting establishment and despised by many.

The arrogance of Blair

Is Blair arrogant in his view of Brexit voters or his genuinely concerned they made a wrong decision? As Tony Blair said himself to the waiting press during his speech you can listen to what I say or not. People will no doubt take him at his word and do just that.