For those of you who thought that Chancellor Phillip Hammond was a cautious man after last year's Autumn Statement, including myself, it is time to think again. Since Prime Minister Theresa May announced her plans to create new grammar schools last year, she has encountered numerous obstacles. But providing people with the freedom to open new Grammars as free schools is a brilliant way to divert round opposition to New Labour's pathetic 20 year ban on new selective schools.

Competition and choice

Competition and choice are necessary to drive up standards in our schools.

Both May and Hammond intend to launch a new education revolution that breeds a new generation of grammar schools which ensure pre-existing schools compete alongside other schools rather than allowing them to fall into the trap of complacency.

A return to standards

By banning Grammar Schools, New Labour showed that they do not believe in choice to the extent they claimed. This was an ideological attack on respected schools. But after tomorrow, we can start to witness a return to the standards so essential for British children to compete with their counterparts in other countries. Well done to May and Hammond for comprehending that need.