Piers Morgan's 'Life Stories' on ITV1

Piers Morgan's chat show has become something of a regular feature on British television interviewing all manner of well-known people whether it be politicians like Gordon Brown or Culture Club singer Boy George. The last in the current series of Piers Morgan's interview shows was aired last Friday with ex - UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Farage and Morgan's meeting was always going to be a rough ride and so at times, it proved to be.

Nigel Farage in conversation with Piers Morgan

The interview was less turbulent about Farage's childhood and growing up and how he worked on the stock exchange in London.

When Morgan referred to Farage's relation with the press things became a little heated. Morgan seemed to be baiting Farage about his labels of being a racist and his support for Trump with Farage not wishing to be drawn and in the end said: "All this is bullshit". Trump's rather strange relationship with his German wife was discussed but Farage did not seem comfortable to discuss it.

Nigel Farage admitted that he did not think Brexit was going to happen and when it did he could not believe it. Piers Morgan discussed life after UKIP despite Paul Nuttal being its new leader and Farage still being an MEP. He could work in the US for Trump or maybe stand again as an MP - right now the world was his oyster.

When asked if he ever wanted to be Prime Minister Farage did not seem bothered either way.

One thing became clear though he and his family never felt safe with out protection as he has made many enemies. The interview ended on a rather happier note with both interviewer and interviewee wishing each other the best.

Conclusion on Farage

Farage, as I stated earlier, was always going to be an interesting if at times controversial figure to interview and the interview proved nothing less than that.

Certainly, Nigel Farage agrees or disagree with the man and his politics has achieved something with Brexit for good or bad. UKIP and Nigel Farage read the mood of the British people correctly and he will go down as one of the most successful British politicians ever.