Terror Attacks have filled the news and media in 2016 with the Paris Bombings , Brussels, Orlando shootings,Dallas Shootings and now Nice, just to name a few.

With each new attack the world morns another loss of innocent lives, lives which should have never been taken, lives taken too soon, families losing loved ones and humans losing a little more faith in society. People begin to realise that these attacks somewhat unpredictable could happen anywhere. Paris the city of love, the beautiful monuments and a big tourist destination, Orlando another big tourist destinations with millions visiting from around the world, Nice another beautiful town on the French Rivera and a top tourist destination.

Are we safe anywhere?

People have always thought of travelling whether on a holiday or backpacking as a way to break away from routine for a week or two, spend time with loved ones and visit a new places, you don't expect it to be the worst time of your life or to lose a loved one. Are we safe anywhere? Am I safer at home, the answer is no, terror attacks can happen anywhere time, your local village, city, capital city, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Dallas and Orlando are all people's homes. The truth is it doesn't matter if you are at home or abroad anything can happen, but would you let this stop you having a holiday because of a what if? We can't give into these people, we must carry on, rebuild, morn and celebrate peoples lives, this is how we show them they haven't won.

Allof these innocent lives being taken like they are meaningless, I'm startingto believewe are all unimportant, we are just waiting in line to become the next victim and another headline in tomorrow's news. Nice wasn'tjust another terrorist attack, it's another group of people mourning their loved ones who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As the world morns with Nice and remembers the past victims, we think about what is next, how did we create a world filled with hate and violence where people are scared to travel or move around.