The Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics is just a few hours awayand Rio is still experiencing problems. Are the stadiums going to be ready in time? Will the water be safe enough for athletes to swim in? What is going to happen? These are definitely questions on the minds of top athletes and coaches throughout the world as the Rio Olympics begins to get underway.

Rio will make history

2016 Rio Olympics will definitely be one for the history books whether they are a success or failure. The past few years building up to the Olympics have been somewhat of a struggle for Brazil, with dramatic protests, speculation, Zika virus and bad publicity.

When Rio was awarded the Olympics everyone was speculative, would they clean up the sewage problems, what would the effects be of destroying thousands of Brazilians homes and then the Zika virus hit South America.

Rio athletes safety

The Rio 2016 Olympics will see less athletes than usual attend, many concerned over their health and well beingwith the Zika Virus and Rio's crime rate. The 2016 Olympics should have seen the world's golfing number ones compete in the Olympics for the first time, instead many golfers are boycotting it. Many triathletes, rowers and sailors will be risking their health to compete for gold. According to the BBC News the Rio city and state officials have failed to successfully keep their promise to clean up the sewage problem and many have been advised to not put their heads underwater.

Although all of this is true the Olympics has brought many benefits to Rio, a once struggling city has now been rejuvenated into a city full of new infrastructure which will benefit the city long after the Olympics has come and gone.

One things for sure the 2016 Rio Olympics will be a big party no matter what the outcome. Tourists will come from far and wide to catch a big of the action and take home the memory of an incredible country. Hopefully Brazil and Rio will gain the recognition it deserves for hosting the games and not bad media publicity. For now we will just have to wait and see what happens.