There has been another deadly terrorist attack which has left a reported 84 people dead in Nice, France.

The city called Nice which was once seen as the perfect holiday destination has been left scarred by a brutal terrorist attack. Many people were gathered at the famous waterside Promenade des Anglais to watch the Bastille Day fireworks display when a lorry reported crashed into many spectators. The driver then emerged and started shooting the innocent bystanders before being shot dead by police himself.

Does this story sound scarily familiar?

Maybe the fact that there was a masked gunman reminds you of the awful terrorist attack in Orlando earlier this year? This attack occurred when a gunman stormed into an LGTB club and shot dead a reported 50 people whilst injuring 53 others. Before this gunman was killed by police he pledged his allegiance to known terrorist group IS. Not this heartbreaking terrorist attack that it reminds you of? Maybe it's the Paris shootings in November 2015 that you're thinking about. Another French city where more innocent people were horrifically killed for no reason. The attack left at least 128 people dead and many injured. Again IS claimed responsibility for the attack. Or could it be the cowardly attacks in Istanbul where at least 45 people were killed that this sounds eerily similar to?

Or was it the bombings in Baghdad that left around 121 people dead a couple of weeks ago that this has reminded you of. Do you see my point? There have been too many terrorist attacks in the world. Too many innocent lives lost. When did the world become so cruel?

It seems most of the news we hear is about another terrorist attack.

Another city left to deal with the awful reality of being targeted and left to pick up the pieces of people's broken lives and families. Why? When will these cowards stop with these attacks? What is the world coming to? Since when was it ok to kill innocent people? It isn't. Sadly the attack in Nice won't be the last terrorist attack reported in the news as it appears no one really knows how to stop these terrorists. Is anywhere safe anymore? Will these attacks ever end?