Jeremy Hunt has been reappointed as health secretary and the public couldn't be more disappointed.

Just a day after Boris 'the buffoon' Johnson was confirmed as foreign minister we get even more upsetting news that Jeremy Hunt has survived the cabinet overhaul, despite earlier reports saying that he was being sacked by new Prime Minister Theresa May.

It hasn't been the best cabinet re-shuffling for Theresa May. Whilst we can all take some smallcomfort in the fact the George Osborne and Michael Gove have been sacked that's pretty much all the good news we'll get from this government.

For a while at least. Whilst the public are still reeling from the news that the man who campaigned so hard for brexit is now the foreign minister for the United Kingdom, choosing to leave Hunt as health secretary has only added doubt to the choice to have Theresa May as the new prime minister. Granted she was the only candidate left in the running but if these are her choices so early on then what hope is there?

One of the many conservative members born into a rich family and studying at oxford, whilst never knowing the real struggles others not as fortunate as him face, Hunt could never be forgiven for wanting poorer families to pay more for the NHS. After his reappointment was confirmed Hunt took to Twitter where he put: "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

I'm thrilled to be back in government". Very few others are glad about this it would seem. Moments after his tweet, Hunt was inundated with many other tweets from angry members of the public. Words such as "gutted" and "heartbroken" were used to describe how people felt about his return to being health secretary.

Lets look at the facts shall we?

Jeremy Hunt has been the health secretary for the United Kingdom since 2012 and heis the longest serving health secretary as well. During his time in this position he hasspoken about tryingto privatise the NHS, make poorer people pay more for health services, reduce the amount of health centres in and around the UK, made the lives of junior doctors harder and more expensive and made himself incredibly unpopular with NHS staff and the public.

Not to mention he has clashed several times with the British Medical Association and also the British Medical Journal with his controversial choices that have not benefited anyone by the way. Remember when the junior doctors went on strike? That was because of him and his proposed contract for them which meant more work and less pay. What was Theresa May thinking when she re-hired him? Then again what was she thinking when she hired Boris asthe foreign secretary...

We have a woman who voted to invade both Iraq and Syria as the new prime minister, a man who wanted the UK to leave the EU as the new foreign secretary and a man who wants to privatise the NHS still as the health secretary. Final thought about all of this:God help us!