Colombia was once a country known for Pablo Escobar, cocaine,corruptionand has battled a 30 year war. Over the last 10 years the country has been trying to shake this reputation, with the biggest breakthrough happening earlier this year with a Peace treaty being signed.


Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, with only Brazil succeeding it. Colombia is a country which has everything, beautiful Caribbean beaches, the Andes mountain range, amazing countryside, deserts, plains, Pacific coastline, tropical Amazon Rainforest and much more.

Colombia is also home to some of the world's most endangered species, animals in all climates and the Amazon is home to a large number of species which are still being discovered. Colombia's biodiverse environment and year round temperature provides the perfect place for growing crops and different kinds of food; fruits and vegetables are offered all year round due to Colombia having no seasons.


Colombia is home is spectacular beaches, Cartagena, Tayrona, Santa Marta and Palomino being the most established. Cartagena is the largest city in Colombia's caribbean coast, a city unique with an old city surrounded by a wall, previously used to keep invaders out and a new city skyline with hotels and shopping centres.

Perhaps one of Colombia's best features is it's Caribbean Islands; Islas del Rosario, San Andrés, Providence and Islas de San Bernado. Many of these islands are uninhabited providing perfect unspoilt tourist destinations.


Colombia's main cities; Bogota, Medellin and Cali are all lively South American cities steeped in culture, historic buildings and Colombian flair.

Bogota is the second highest city in South America with an altitude of around 2,700m above sea level. Medellin was recently voted one of the most up and coming cities in South America, with cable car transportation and is quickly becoming a tech hub.


Colombia is home to around 10% of the Amazon Rainforest, providing a gateway to the rest of the Amazon.

Colombia's Amazon boarders both Peru and Brazil, with the Amazon River running between the boarders. The Amazon is an incredible place to visit, with the opportunity to visit indigenous communities and discover how they live.

Colombia is on it's way to becoming a booming tourist destination with flights from the states and the UK increasing all the time, making it easier to travel to Colombia. Colombia has the best of everything and once people start moving away from the media stereotypes and seeing the country for what it is, they will discover how amazing it is.