Police have stated that they found all of these materials when they searched Micah Johnson`s home in a suburb of Dallas, Texas known as Mesquite.Five police officers were killed and seven more were wounded by a sniper during a protest in Dallas, Texas in opposition of the killing of two African-Americansby the police. Micah Johnson -- the armed person was shot dead after refusing to negotiate with the police.During the failed negotiation, the suspect stated that he was upset with Black Lives Matter and mad at white people, too, especially white police officers fo the recent killing of two black people by the police.

Black Lives Matter

The phrase has appeared as a protest movement in the form of a hashtag on the Internet, every time there is a killing of a black person by the police. the great gathering power that it invokes has been compared to the US Civil Rights Movement. This is what was occurring this Thursdaynight in Dallas; however, the peaceful protest environment made a complete turn, when the shooting started.

In a conference, Dallas Chief Police Officer said that Micah Johnson had no connections with any group and that he had acted alone in the shooting. This was later confirmed in a press conference in New York by Security Secretary Johnson when she declared that the gunman had no links to any terrorist organization.

It`s believed that the suspects involved in this armed assault in Dallas had been preparing the attack with anticipation, planning the attempt, while the protest was almost finished. Based on Chief Brown's words, the group of shooters was strategically perched at positions that allowed them to obtain a clear view of the officers and planned to injure and killed as many officers as they could.

A man was spotted near a parking space near The Centro College firing shots with a rifle. The man told officers that the end was coming and that he was going to continue killing officers, moreover, he also said that there were bombs all overthe area.Five police officers were killed during this attack and seven more were injured. Civilians were also injured. The principal culprit of this attempt failed to negotiate with the police and he was killedby a robot carrying a bomb.