Rani Mukherji has been missing from the Bollywood scene for a long time now. Post her last stint Mardaani which was a good women centric movie with a splendid performance, Rani seemed to have gone into the hibernation mode all over again. While she is missing from the page three columns, she has made a comeback in paparazzi by her recent August Vogue cover.

While we have seen her exploring versatile and path breaking characters in the past, this cover which was for anissue focusing on the concept of ageless beauty has turned out to be an irony in itself.

Rani Mukherji has a curvy and attractive figure, but the picture on the recent Vogue cover makes you stare at it for a few minutes to make sure if it is in fact Rani or someone else altogether.

While the magazine wanted to break the stereotype which prevails in Bollywood with regards to over 35 and over 40 actress and about actresses who are married, the image is completely opposite of the thought. The image seems to be validating the fact that Bollywood actresses have to behave and look a certain way even after a certain age. The cover looks highly photoshopped and unreal more because everyone saw the way Rani looked at recent Vogue Beauty Awards 2015 , she looked elegant and mature; a complete contrast to what the cover is.

In the cover Rani is seen in a floral dress by Dolce & Gabbana, a total Bollywood Bombshell avatar and the words say The Reign of Rani 2 decades, 45 movies, 1 fairy tale marriage. The problem is not her dress, her looks are the setting itself. The problem is that it looks very unlike Rani and it does nothing to the concept of being ageless than just making a mockery of it.

It is very disappointing to see a magazine like Vogue project a picture of flawless beauty in an age where the concept of accepting one with flaws is at its peak. While many are noticing this strange contrast, there are fans who are going crazy about how different and flawless Rani is looking on the cover.

Hope that there is a time when Bollywood magazines would project actresses as they are and not a flawless photoshopped unreal version of them.