The most awaited Bollywood movie teaser is finally out andit is creating ripples across the planet. Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s Fan produced by Yashraj Films is makingnews even while it is still in the production process. The first teaser for themovie in which Shahrukh Khan stars in and as a fan was released yesterday andhis fans are more than loving it. The official teaser uploaded on YRF YouTubechannel shows the hysteria and fandom that follows Shahrukh Khan as a Bollywoodsuperstar.

The teaser contains snippets of thousands of fans flockingand running towards his house in Mumbai, Mannat, just for a glimpse of thestar.

The one minute thirty second teaser very aptly throws lighton Shahrukh’s stardom and his biggest fan named Gaurav’s life. The one thingthe teaser very clearly depicts is the epic stardom the superstar enjoys. Shahrukheven announced the teaser release through his official Twitter handle. One canalso see Shahrukh performing his signature open arms pose in the teaser whichtells us that this movie is really going to be a treat for all Cinema lovers,especially for all his fans.

Shahrukh is playing a double role in the movie after a longtime, he is playing himself and his biggest fan named Gaurav who resides inInder Vihar DDA Colony Delhi and is famous as his biggest fan and also impersonateshim in his performances.

Fan is said to beone of the best scripts written for Shahrukh Khan in the recent times and theteaser has only left us wanting for more. It should be noted that few days ago Fan was trending onthe internet for the graffiti that his fans painted on the outer wall of hishouse Mannat, while he was away shooting for Dilwale in Bulgaria.

The graffiti had messages like “Luv U SRK” and “C U on 15th”written and was apparently signed under the name of “Gaurav” to which ShahrukhKhan displayed his displeasure through his Twitter handle. Though this mightjust be a fan act, one cannot ignore the possibility of it being a guerrilla marketingtechnique.

The movie is directedby Band Baja Baraat and Shudh Desi Romance fame Maneesh Sharma andis slated for a release in April 2016.