Fashion magazines have a new face for their cover picture: over 70. Not just magazines, but also most prestigious brands and designers are using over 70's images.

Oscar winner, the 69-year-old Helen Mirren is the new Oreal icon. She signed a nine million pound contract with the company.

The 71-year-old Joni Mitchell is appearing in the Saint Laurent Music project, while Joan Didion is the new model for Celine's sunglasses.

Mirren cut her hair by herself and is not interested in going to the gym. Mitchell appears with her vintage clothes from 60's. But why is the fashion world interested in over 70?

"Recently a research for marketing revealed that women over 50 and more are buying some expensive Clothes, Creams and accessories," said Marco Testa, president of Armando Testa Group, an Italian marketing agency. "It is obvious that you can not use a picture of a 30-year-old woman for an anti wrinkle product. On the other hand icons like Mirren and Catherine Deneuve can attract their generation,"
"The same thing will happen with Angelina Jolie: People loved her when she was twenty, they love her now and will love her when she will be sixty. The Beauty icons don't have age."
Another reason is because of elongation of life. It's hard to imagine a 60-year-old model a hundred years ago; it was hard to reach that age until mid 20th century.

But nowadays, fortunately, a person that reaches his 60's should think about his life until his 80's, especially if we talk about women.
Women over 50, if they don't have economic problems, are having more free time and more money to spend.

"The society is getting older and the average age is higher now . The older people have more time and money to spend," said Vanni Codeluppi from IULM university of Milan.

But there is more than that. Women over 50 have a special sign in their face. They identify strength and power that comes from their brains.
"The secret is having a 35-year-old mentality," said Tanya Drouginska, a 65-year-old Shu Uemura model.