Last weekend, Nicolas Cage, 55, married his 34-year-old girlfriend, Erika Koike at the Bellagio Casino on the Strip in Las Vegas. That marriage is officially over, four days after it happened. The Huffington Post reports that court documents which were filed in Clark County, Nevada on the 27th of March reveal the “National Treasure” star’s petition of annulment from his makeup artist girlfriend.

Should the court deny his request for an annulment, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports the Oscar-winning actor will go ahead with a divorce instead. Reasons for Cage wishing to end his short-lived marriage are not currently available.

Nicolas Cage and marriages

Even one of his movies titles is appropriate, as the “Leaving Las Vegas” star breaks up his fourth marriage. His first wife was actress Patricia Arquette, who he managed to stay with for six years. In 2002, Cage married Lisa Marie Presley, but went on to file divorce papers three months after the wedding.

Third in line was Alice Kim, who stayed married to Cage for a record-breaking 12 years, giving him a son in 2005 named Kal-El. In 2016, Kim and Cage were divorced. Kal-El went on to debut as an actor last year at the age of 13, giving voice to a young Bruce Wayne in the Film “Teen Titans Go!

To the Movies.” Nicolas’ first-born son was Weston Coppola Cage, 28, who he shares with his former girlfriend, Christina Fulton.

It seems Cage was shocked when his breakup with Kim happened, as he told the Guardian in an interview last year that he “definitely didn’t see it coming.” In that interview Nicolas said his feelings had to go somewhere, so he put them into his performance.

It seems the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, as Weston got married to his third wife last year.

Details of Cage’s short-lived wife

According to Hollywood Life, while Erika is listed as being a makeup artist, her only credit on iMDB is a short film, titled “Hankikanto.” The couple was first seen together in 2018 in April grabbing lunch in Puerto Rico.

Cage was shooting the movie “Primal” at that time.

Nicolas and Koike applied for their marriage Licence on the 23rd of March in Clark County, Nevada, receiving the certificate on the 27th of March. Apparently, there was a minor ruckus in the office, with Cage saying he wasn’t “doing it,” and Erika stating she never asked him to do it in the first place. Eventually, the pair left the office.

As Cage has already stated that he will seek a divorce should the annulment not go through, it is unlikely Cage and Koike will remain together after the event.