Reportedly, HBO has been in the process of hiding replica Iron Thrones in various secret spots around the globe. The idea came to promote the final season 8 of “Game of Thronestelevision series in an unusual and fun way, in places from the US and UK to Brazil. Live streams have been running for an hour at a time, showing the large Iron Thrones, and giving a clue as to where they might be located. Fans then have the opportunity to recognise the location and go and get their coveted prize.

Melanie Joaquin tracks down Iron Throne in Queens, NYC

It happened on Thursday this week, when Melanie Joaquin was watching the live stream and immediately recognised the location of the Iron Throne replica as being the battery in Fort Toten Park, Queens, not too far from her home.

The throne appeared to be in an appropriate castle-like setting, instantly nudging her memory.

As reported by the New York Post, when she saw the video, she immediately left her apartment building in Queens and hopped on a bus. On arrival at the location, she jumped off the bus and rushed in the direction of the battery on Fort Toten Park.

Joaquin told the producers that she had to do something a little sneaky to get into the battery, as the former military fort was locked tight behind a fence. Melanie said there were a number of other women there, obviously looking for the same prize, but she found a hole in the fence and climbed through, hoping she wouldn’t get into trouble for trespassing.

However, she knew this was the battery and exactly where it was and managed to get there in around five minutes.

Iron Throne revealed and Melanie crowned queen

In the video below, Melanie can be seen being crowned “Queen of Queens” in a formal ceremony.

After she was crowned she was asked about her discovery of the location and how she felt about winning. Almost losing her crown over her face for a second or so, she explained her plan and went on to say how much she is looking forward to the upcoming and final season 8 of “Game of Thrones.”

Joaquin said she had just completed a binge watch of season 7 of the popular HBO show and was thoroughly looking forward to season 8.

Only thing is, she won’t actually appear in the show! Any UK fans can check out the locations and dates for the Iron Throne's journey through the UK and Ireland on Birmingham Live.

Anyone who needs a refresher on season 7 of "Game of Thrones" before the new season begins can check out a breakdown in the video below.