Netflix is really starting to pull in the big stars for its original series and films. In this particular case, Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn are the stars of a psychological horror series titled “Chambers.” In the series a heart attack survivor receives a heart transplant. All is well and good until she starts exhibiting the traits of the heart’s previous owner and this is reportedly not a good thing.

Who is starring in ‘Chambers?’

We’re not used to seeing Uma Thurman on the little screen. We’ve experienced her talents in many films, including the classic “Pulp Fiction,” the “Kill Bill” series of films and “Gattaca.” Now she will be starring in the psychological horror Netflix Original series, “Chambers.”

Thurman plays opposite Tony Goldwyn, of “Insurgent” and “Scandal” fame.

Other stars include Lilliya Reid, Sivan Alyra Rose, Kyanna Simone Simpson, Nicholas Galitzine, Marcus LaVoi, Sarah Mezzanotte and Griffin Powell-Arcand.

Synopsis of the Netflix psychological horror series

While it will premiere on 26 April, there is so far no trailer for the series, leading to a certain amount of mystery around the show. However, a series of images have been released by Netflix, which have been published by Entertainment Weekly and some of which are dotted through this article.

To give you an idea, a synopsis has been revealed by Netflix about “Chambers.” The horror story is based in what they term a “New Age pocket” in Arizona, USA. The story revolves around a young woman who has survived a heart attack and has received a donor heart.

According to its creator, it all starts out as being a “grounded human story,” exploring the various ways people metabolise trauma. However, eventually the tale takes a different turn and becomes something more “strange and f***ed up” than viewers were expecting.

Netflix explains that this involves the donated human heart that has saved the woman’s life. She starts researching the story behind the heart donor’s sudden death only to find she is beginning to take on the characteristics of the donor. According to the network, some of these characteristics are “troublingly sinister.”

Transplant horror is not new

As noted by SyFy Wire, transplant horror is not exactly new, as we’ve seen in “The Hands” and “The Eye.” However, this one sounds particularly intriguing. Especially finding out the reason the poor young girl’s new heart turns her into something evil.

In fact a poster released for the show has the words "Bad things happen for a reason" emblazoned across it, which is tantalising indeed..

The producer of the Netflix Original horror series is director and actress Leah Rachel, alongside Wolfgang Hammer, Winnie Kemp, Steve Gaghan and Jennifer Yale. The Executive Producer is Alfonso Gomez Rejon.