Bird Box” was a movie adaptation of the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The post-apocalyptic book told the story of Malorie, a woman trying to get her children to safety after a mysterious force has decimated most of the population. The force causes people to face their worst fears, leading to them committing suicide. The only way to avoid it is to travel blindfolded.

When the Film was released on Netflix last year, it was an instant hit, gaining many views and reviews. However, it also spawned a number of funny memes and the highly dangerous “Bird Box Challenge,” where participants did stupid things while blindfolded.

‘Bird Box’ book to get a sequel

As noted by the Independent, while the Netflix Original film inspired all those memes, it turns out the movie has also inspired the author of the original story, Josh Malerman. Having watched the film, he now wants to write more about Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock in the film) as he himself wants to know what comes next with her character.

Spoiler alert: At the end of the film, Malorie and her two children found safety at a home for the blind (they can’t see the evil, get it?), which seemed to give closure to her story.

Malerman told Esquire that the film had left many questions that need answers.

He said that when the movie finished, he turned to his girlfriend, telling her he wants to know what happens next with Malorie. Allison, said girlfriend, turned to Josh and said he could make it happen. That gave Malerman a “warm feeling” and he began to write the sequel to "Bird Box," due to be released on 1 October this year.

The story will begin where the original left off and will have the title, “Malorie.”

Malerman said the location in the new "Bird Box" book will be “similar” to that shown at the end of the film. However, he stressed that it doesn’t open with them living in paradise. Malorie and her children leave that safe place, still attempting to make things work in their lives.

The new novel will not focus on Boy and Girl

According to Digital Spy, Josh wouldn’t say whether the new book will tell us where the mysterious monsters came from, but he did say it will let us get to know Malorie and the evil creatures better. As for Boy and Girl, Malorie’s children, Malerman said the new novel will not focus on them. He did say that since the film was released and the time he started writing “Malorie,” many have asked what will happen to new children. However, he said that while he cares about Boy and Girl, the new novel will not be their story. It will be the story of their mother.

For those who have not yet seen “Bird Box,” it it is available for streaming right now on Netflix. See the trailer below.