As someone who is currently re-reading Stephen King's novel “Doctor Sleep,” it can be difficult to accept the actors and actresses who have been given roles in the upcoming film adaptation. However, Ewan McGregor will definitely make a great Danny Torrance.

Emily Alyn Lind has now been cast as Snakebite Andi in the Film. As noted by Dread Central, she is a recent member of the True Knot, a deadly group of psychics who tour America as retired people in their RVs.

These people are far from being retired, however, as they feed off what is termed the “steam” of children who have “the shining,” which gives them various abilities.

In the process, the True Knot torture the children brutally to improve the “steam,” ending with the children being dead and then saving some of their steam in canisters for later use. They have also lived for hundreds of years, with the help of the stolen “steam.”

The cast is building nicely for ‘Doctor Sleep’

The character, Snakebite Andi is a recent addition to the True Knot and has the ability to persuade people to fall asleep. She received the nickname due to her snake tattoo and in the story, she is in a relationship with another member of the group, Silent Sarey. As mentioned above, Emily Alyn Lind.

As also mentioned above, Ewan McGregor will be starring as an adult Danny Torrance, the child who will be remembered from Stephen King’s novel and subsequent film “The Shining.” In that film, young Danny suffered by seeing dead people in the Overlook Hotel where his father was working as a winter janitor.

Turns out his dad has similar abilities, which drove him crazy, trying to kill his wife and child.

Now he’s all grown up, Danny has fought off alcoholism – as drinking tended to drown his abilities – and is now using his powers for good, gently seeing off patients in a hospice. Danny is contacted psychically by a young girl, Abra Stone, who also has “the shining” and is being pursued by True Knot, as she is exceptionally talented and full of their favourite “steam.”

Other cast members for ‘Doctor Sleep’

Earlier this month, Deadline Hollywood reported that producers had found the ideal actress to play Abra in "Doctor Sleep" in the form of Kyliegh Curran.

While Abra has blonde hair in the book, producers have taken the liberty of recruiting a girl with dark hair.

The leader of the True Knot, Rose the Hat, has also been cast, with Rebecca Ferguson to play the role.

As reported, other actors in key roles in the film include Zahn McClarnon, Carl Lumbly and Alex Essoe.

The film adaptation of King's novel “Doctor Sleep” is set to premiere in cinemas on 24th of January, 2020.