Port Hope is a town in Ontario, Canada, where scenes for the horror blockbuster “It” were filmed in 2016. Filmmakers have recently returned to the small town while filming “Largo,” the sequel to “It,” where the grown-up Losers Club faces Pennywise the Clown.

Derek Geldart, a resident of Port Hope, was watching as a scene was being filmed across the street from him last Tuesday. Geldart is pretty darn certain he spotted Stephen King being filmed for a cameo in the movie.

‘Largo’ filming in Port Hope

King is renowned for appearing in film and TV adaptations of his books in a cameo role.

Geldart said he believes it was what he was watching that day. He said he didn’t want to give any spoilers away, but mentioned that King took a bike from the window of the shop across the road.

Stephen King in Canada

King also made it pretty clear he was up in Canada by sending a tweet to say there weren’t many guns, but that healthcare is amazing and really cheap.

A Facebook post by Joie De Vivre – a local business – which ‘fessed up to say the horror author was “hiding” in their shop last week while the filming was ongoing in the town.

The shop was transformed into Second Hand Rose for the Film "Largo.".

Shop fronts changed to suit ‘Largo’

One local resident, Barry Walker, said how great it was for Port Hope and its residents and that they are all excited about the ongoing filming.

Many of the shop fronts in the town were changed to make them fit scenes from the previous movie, "It.".

The Northumberland News reports that film crews were using a former Canadian Tyre store as a studio. Lake-Land Place in the town is being transformed into the set of a carnival for the film.

‘Largo’ cast members spotted in town

Global News reports that other residents in the town had spotted a huge statue of Paul Bunyan, the mythical lumberjack, at the town hall.

It is reportedly very similar to one in King’s hometown of Bangor, Maine. Others spotted Bill Skarsgard, the actor who now plays Pennywise the evil clown in "Largo," as well as "It," along with several other cast members.

Geldart said James McAvoy was in town, who is playing the older version of Bill. They also saw Chosen Jacobs, who plays the younger Mike and who is also in the Hulu series “Castle Rock,” based around Stephen King’s novels and stories.

Kevin Narraway, the tourism manager for Port Hope, said having the cast and crew in their community is great, as they are staying in the local hotels and spending money in restaurants. Narraway also said how exciting it was for the town to have the ongoing filming of an adaptation of King’s work.