Surprisingly to some, Stephen King doesn’t just write gory horror novels, including scary clowns, vampires, crazy hotel managers and pets coming back from the dead. As reported earlier this year, a novella with the title "Elevation," set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, is to be released in October 2018. Readers already know of the Hulu television series “Castle Rock,” which, while not penned by King himself, brings in so many elements of his many stories and books.

The story in his upcoming novel brings in elements of the current homophobia experienced across America, but it’s also a heartwarming story of a man with an unusual affliction, bringing the town of Castle Rock back together.

Horror author Stephen King branches out from horror

This isn’t the first time Stephen King has written a heartwarming book – “The Green Mile” is a perfect example. While that novel did include some elements of the supernatural, one of its main characters, John Coffey, moved both readers of the book and the ensuing and excellent film adaptation of the same name. King has also branched out into a hard-boiled detective series of books with a touch of sheer horror, beginning with the book and TV adaptation, “Mr. Mercedes.”

'Elevation' – a story of a town coming together

King’s new novel, “Elevation,” is still an eerie tale, but it is set in the current time where homophobia plays a huge role.

The eerie part is that one of the main characters, Scott Carey, is suffering from a strange affliction. He continues to steadily lose weight, no matter what he eats. What makes his affliction particularly weird is that Scott weighs the same, whether without his clothing or dressed in his heaviest outfits. The character seeks out the help of a trusted local doctor, Dr.

Bob Ellis.

However, the close-knit community of Castle Rock has a problem. A pair of married lesbians, who live next door to Scott, is attempting to open a restaurant. Prejudiced people in the town are set against the couple, making their lives very difficult. On top of this, the couple’s dog regularly does his business on Carey’s lawn.

When he confronts them, one of the lesbians is friendly, but the other is cold as ice.

Scott eventually understands the prejudices being faced by the couple (including his own) and sets out to try and help them. This unlikely alliance, as well as his mysterious affliction, then brings out the best in the people of Castle Rock.

On a side note, the cover of the upcoming novella “Elevation” was created by a Facebook photographer friend of mine, Wendy Stevenson.

Great reviews for new Stephen King novel

Simon & Schuster quotes a review by The Guardian, which cites King as being a “precious renewable resource." That review dubs “Elevation” as being an “antidote to our divisive culture,” adding that the book is “gloriously joyful,” but that it also generates a “twinge of deep sadness.” The review then goes on to compare the novel to the well-known story in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

As reported by Den of Geek earlier this year, the new King novel “Elevation” is set to hit bookshelves on October 30 this year. While it airs around the time of Halloween, there’s no big scare involved, just what that report describes as a “feel-good” story.