Arguably the greatest boyband ever produced by South Korea dominated the headlines all over the world. Yes, they are exceptionally talented, well versed and very charismatic. Gone are the days when Kpop or 'Korean Pop Music' was only known in their own country or in Asia. The introduction of a new group with an exhilarating song and choreography captivated the U.S. market.

The greatness of Bangtan Boys, or BTS, didn’t happen overnight. Like any other band, they went through rigorous training and made some changes in their lineup. They started 2010 but didn’t receive any recognition until they debut their “2 Cool 4 Skool” album.

They are composed of seven brilliant gentlemen who have millions of fans. All of them are great but there could only be one leader and his name is Kim Nam-Joon or most commonly known as RM (Rap Monster).

Visit to the UN

Before they began their “Love Yourself” world tour in New York, they attended the General Assembly for UN. This is monumental to the group as they are the very first, Korean Pop Group to do so. Known for their flashy and flamboyant style, BTS wore normal suits as they wanted to capture what the agenda is all about and not about them. RM spoke about the importance of the youth thus launching the “Generation Unlimited” project. The speech by RM was so unprecedented that it was one of the most viewed videos during that day.

That was just the start of their global domination as they proceeded with their next U.S. TV appearance. Although it was a late night television, BTS rocked The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. If there’s one word to describe their appearance during that time, it was pandemonium. Most of them might have a hard time speaking in English, but they were able to deliver their message.

When Jimmy introduced them to the lucky audience, it took more than two minutes for the crowd to stop screaming. BTS then showcased their talent by performing their hit singles “Idol” and “I’m fine”.

Good Morning America

The mayhem didn’t stop there as they graced Good Morning America the next day. Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan, the hosts of the show tried multiple times to calm down the BTS Army.

Their arrival at the studio already caused chaos and them doing the interview definitely sets up another commotion. It has been one of the loudest crowd ever in GMA history. The Twitter world was also exploding due to thousands of tweets and millions of views. The staff tried to contain the audience as much as they could but it is clear they needed a few more bodies to handle the BTS Army.

One of the most powerful and beautiful pictures during their appearance was when a weeping little girl approached Jimin and hugged him. According to the reports, the little girl was waiting patiently for a couple of hours, but no one wasn’t able to hold her back as she rushed to Jimin. It was a surreal moment for the group as the crowd kept on chanting and shouting even after the show had ended.