The much-awaited and talked about Dragon Ball Super movie, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" is scheduled to finally hit the cinemas in January 2019.

As reported by Forbes, the premiere of the film will be held on 13th of December 2018, at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California. while January 16, 2019, is the date official fixed for the US theatrical release.

"We're thrilled to finally share the official opening date of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" with fans since first announcing the acquisition in July," said Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga.

About the movie

This new film will follow the coming back of the legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, who has extraordinary powers The plot of the movie will revolve around Broly, as the article on Forbes states that this movie might be a great opportunity for Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama to present his own views and ideas about this historic character.

At least, one thing which can be predicted as of now is the fact that the movie is expected to be really interesting.

The trailer of the movie was released during the comic-con in June 2018, and the initial reactions from the fans were quite good.

Going by trailer itself, one can say that there was a lot of money put into this film with the animation looking top notch. Not only was it worth the hype, but it revealed certain important parts of the movie as well.

Why will this movie be a success?

The movie can, in fact, be a box-office hit as well.

Keeping in mind the success of the previous Dragon Ball movie, "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection" ‘F’ which released back in 2015, it can be said that the 2019 movie will be nothing short of another successful movie venture by the anime industry.

The film had earned $8 million across North America as it became the first independent movie to enter the top ten list of highest grossing anime movies domestically.

Watch the trailer

In addition to this, the flick was released not just in Japan but all over the United States, and hence there is no doubt that "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" would be a commercial success.

The movie is set to release across the United States on January 16, 2019.

As a promotion, pre-order ticket holders will receive one of two charms of the characters Goku and Vegeta, whose hair changes based on the temperature of the figure.

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