Castle Rock,” the Hulu original series which draws on the Stephen King multiverse, has been confirmed for a second season. While Hulu has not set a date for the season to start, it will be at some time next year.

Craig Erwich, head of content for Hulu, said the series has drawn an overwhelming response from the viewing audience and he believes “Castle Rock” is the most talked about series of the summer.

The show premiered on Hulu on 25th July and is already up to the seventh of ten episodes for season 1. Currently, Hulu releases a new episode every Wednesday at midnight.

The show is not yet available for UK viewers, but it is hoped this will soon be rectified.

‘Castle Rock’ is a ‘mixtape’ of Stephen King’s characters and stories

As aptly put by The Verge, the series is a “mixtape” of various Stephen King characters and stories. It is not based on any particular book, but fans of his writing will enjoy picking up many Easter eggs as they watch the show. Anyone who hasn’t read King (and why not?) will also enjoy and appreciate the eerie series.

Season 1 of "Castle Rock" tells the story of lawyer Henry Deaver (André Holland) who returns to his hometown after many years.

The reason for his return is a mysterious young man, dubbed “The Kid” (Bill Skarsgård) who appears in a cage in Shawshank Prison. Skarsgård will be remembered for his recent appearance in the latest adaptation of King’s novel “It.”

While no one knows where he came from, The Kid asked for Deaver by name. Not to give any real spoilers, as the show continues, Deaver tries to find out about the supernatural forces which are affecting the town and its residents.

Another strong character in the show is Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek), Henry’s adoptive mother. Ruth is suffering from Alzheimers and “time-travels” through her memories in the latest episode.

Spacek isn’t new to the Stephen King scene, as she played the titular role in the horror Film, “Carrie.”

What can we expect from 'Castle Rock' Season 2?

So far there is no trailer for the second season and no hint as to where the storyline will go. The Express reports that it will likely also be a ten-episode season and will star the same main characters.

However, Erwich did tell Variety that the second season will have a “wholly original” new story, hinting that the same action will continue, but with a new plot.

Erwich said that the beauty of Hulu is that they are not tied to a particular “shape or form.” He said it’s less about a strategy when it comes to anthologies and more about what the story demands to be.

While the UK public has not yet had a chance to watch “Castle Rock,” due to its success with the US public, it is sure to find a spot on UK TV. After the success of the Hulu original series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a likely suspect to get the rights would be Channel 4.