The Philadelphia Inquirer recently noted that Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he “didn’t have a great time” during his reunion with Black Sabbath in 2016 and 2017. In the interview, the frontman stated how despite being in the ground-breaking band for over three decades, he wasn't always made to feel welcome during The End Tour. Reflecting on how he spent nearly a decade being a part of Black Sabbath, Osbourne weighed up that, despite this, he had spent nearly three times that amount being distant from the band.

Osbourne's attitude towards the tour

Discussing his time on the tour with Black Sabbath, Osbourne compared it to his solo tours.

He told the newspaper that whilst being a solo act, he felt more able to show his eccentricity on stage. The frontman made apparent his discomfort brought about by other members on the tour. Stating that he cannot be a showman with them, he implied that he is confined to being merely a vocalist. Apparently receiving "bad vibes" from the members, he vented his frustration about the restrictions he felt on the tour because he was not allowed to be himself.

The singer's new outlook on life

Progressing onto a more positive note, Ozzy reminisced about his new-found sobriety and the impact it is having on his career. No longer under the influence of any drugs, Osbourne stated he is now having a better time when it comes to touring, writing and performing.

Expanding on this, he reflected on his past attitude towards performing and the way he saw life. Claiming he was "drunk" for the most part of his career, Ozzy stated that for the first time he is able to fully enjoy his experience being a musician.

Osbourne, most famed alongside his Music for his outlandish lifestyle, seems to have turned a new page.

Once recognised for his excessive drug use and incomprehensible family life (as seen on the reality show The Osbournes which ran from 2002 to 2005), the frontman told The Inquirer that now his main focus is on being a good grandfather.

Intending to devote more of his time to his personal life, he states he will be slowing down-against demands to produce new music and tour dates.

Clearly stating that whilst being a musician is his “passion”, it is not his job to devote his life to touring continuously. There was no question as to the priorities of the vocalist as he voiced his desire to become more of a family man. Saying he wants to spend his time with his grandchildren, the vocalist reflected upon how little he was able to see his own children as a result of his career. This innate desire to be a bigger part of his family complies with the ongoing series Ozzy has presented alongside his son Jack: ‘Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour’.

The future of the frontman's career

Elsewhere in the interview, Ozzy discussed his solo tours and his frustration for the lack of clarity regarding the name of his No More Tours 2 tour.

Clearing up any miscommunication, he stated that it is merely a name for the tour, not a statement about any upcoming retirement. Jokingly blaming it on his accent being misconstrued, he clarified to the American newspaper that the No More Tours 2 tour doesn't mean “no more tours ever”.

The global tour will come to the UK for six shows in February 2019. Playing in a range of cities over this month, tour dates can be found below.

'No More Tours 2' UK Dates- 2019

Friday 1st February- Motorpoint Arena: Nottingham

Sunday 3rd February- Manchester Arena

Tuesday 5th February- Metro Radio Arena: Newcastle

Thursday 7th February- The SSE Hydro: Glasgow

Saturday 9th February- Genting Arena: Birmingham

Monday 11th February- The O2: London