The American sitcom “Modern Family” has been running since 23 September 2009. The popular ABC series hasn’t lost popularity in all those years and is shortly heading for its tenth season. However, co-creator Christopher Lloyd has mentioned changes in the upcoming season – most especially relating to a “significant” death in the series.

While not mentioning any names, Lloyd told Entertainment Weekly that our favourite family will face “bigger life events” in the upcoming season 10 of “Modern Family.”

Death and 'Modern Family'

Lloyd said there would be a “significant death” in season 10, adding that this is a topic all families face.

However, he did admit it’s not quite so easy to do in a comedy TV show, as it’s a “heavy subject.” Lloyd said that at the same time, it would be an unusual thing if families didn’t have to face it and that the death will be "moving."

Lloyd wasn’t naming any names in the interview and gave no clues as to whether it would be one of the main characters in the show, but he did say this death would have "repercussions across several episodes" of the upcoming season 10.

Who will die on ‘Modern Family?’

The Mirror Online speculates in their report that Jay Pritchett is the most likely candidate, given his age in comparison to other family characters on the show.

On the other hand, it might not be an actual member of either the Pritchett or Dunphy clan. It could be someone that surrounds the family dynamic on the show.

Speaking age, it could also be Phil’s loveable dad, who spends his time travelling around the country in his campervan.

Other speculations included the past significant others of the younger members of the family, including Haley’s dilly ex, Dylan, or the Pritchett’s former “many,” Andy.

Season 11 of ‘Modern Family’ not yet confirmed

Lloyd said while season 10 is coming shortly, the show has not yet been renewed for season 11. However, he is confident we’ll see more of the crazy Pritchett/Dunphy family in future.

He said there is definitely goodwill to make it happen. However, there are also more complicated matters they have to work through, plus there is a time constraint, as they cannot let it take too long to happen.

Lloyd did say there is a “decent chance” it will happen and he hopes it does. He said creatively they have been excited over writing this season and making an impact on the characters’ lives – some very significantly – and it has made them think how much more there is to explore in the lives of the “Modern Familycharacters.

Fans will have to wait and see who the “significant death” relates to after season 10 of “Modern Family” premieres on ABC in the US on 26 September and in the UK on Sky 1.