Paul McCartney has proven he has still got what it takes after all these years. His new solo album, “Egypt Station” has hit the number one spot in the USA for the first time in 36 years. Sky News reports that around 153,000 copies of his new and 16th solo album have been sold since it was released on 7 September.

McCartney has even knocked Eminem’s new album, “Kamikaze,” from the number one spot, making it the most popular album of the week. Meanwhile, as noted by the Independent, one of the tracks takes a hearty knock at US President Donald Trump.

Paul McCartney thanks fans on Twitter

On hearing the news, Paul McCartney, 76, headed to Twitter to thank all his “fabulous fans” and everyone involved in the new album for making it hit the number one spot, adding the word “yippee!” Paul included an image of himself holding a framed copy of his new album.

Meanwhile, McCartney’s global fans made their voices heard, congratulating him for his success. The last time he topped the charts was in 1982 when he stayed there for three weeks with his album “Tug of War.” This makes it the longest gap between number one albums for any living artist in the Billboard 200 chart’s history.

Meanwhile, the Beatles as a whole, still have the record for topping the charts with 19 albums.

Album track ‘Despite Repeated Warnings’ blasts Donald Trump

As reported by the Independent, one of the tracks on the new “Egypt Station” album firmly lambastes US President Donald Trump. The song “Despite Repeated Warnings” refers to a certain “mad captain.” With lyrics referring to “repeated warnings of dangers up ahead,” the song goes on to say the captain isn’t listening to what is being said (referring to climate change).

It then adds that those people who shout the loudest are not always necessarily the “smartest.”

McCartney spoke about the song in an interview with the BBC on Thursday. He said he wrote the track to say there is a mad captain behind the wheel of the boat we are all on and that he will steer us into an iceberg, even though he has been warned against it.

He went on to say obviously the mad captain was Donald Trump. However, he did say he doesn’t want to get too involved as Trump is not the only mad captain around.

Trump withdrew the US from the Paris climate agreement a while back and has been heard to say that climate change is a hoax and that it was invented by the Chinese.

Meanwhile, on Monday the 76-year-old former Beatle starts his “Freshen Up” world tour, starting in Canada. You can’t keep a good man down!