It has been a rough week for Monkey D. Luffy as he fought one of the strongest fighters in the series, Urashima. However, it doesn’t seem to stop there as he is destined to face Jack the Drought of the Beasts Pirates when he neglected and defeated Holdem’s warning.

One Piece Episode 917 Review

Monkey D. Luffy’s attitude is no different since the series started. The only thing that is keeping him alive is his quest to be the greatest pirate who ever lived. His carefree attitude and unpredictability are more often than not the main reason why he survives and often times, get into trouble.

During episode 917, legions of fans saw how strong Luffy had become when he dismantled Holdem easily. Prior to being destroyed by Luffy, Holdem has the reputation as one of the strongest and meanest characters in the series. He also believed that Luffy defeating Urashima was just pure luck. Well, Luffy just gave Holdem the beating of his life and dealt with him like he was just a nobody.

The Ruler of Kuri

The tides seem to go Luffy’s way, but episode 918 suggest that Luffy might be on the ride of his life. Yes, as expected, Luffy was able to rescue Tama but it doesn’t change the fact that he is still a marked man. A lot of people warned Luffy before he dispatched Holdem that Jack the Drought of the Beasts Pirates has his back.

Now, Luffy needs to sum up all of his energy as Jack is now motivated to hunt him. Jack is one of the three right hands of Kaido (one of the Yonkos), who is also the captain of the Mammoths. This behemoth of a monster is savage, unforgiving and short-tempered, which spells trouble for Luffy and his crew.

Trafalgar D. Water vs Basil Hawkins

Apart from the showdown between Luffy and Jack, episode 918 also teased the fans with a confrontation between Trafalgar D. Water Law and Basil Hawkins. Luffy is and will always be the main character, but a lot of avid followers are excited to see the matchup between the “Surgeon of Death” and the “Magician”.

The build-up of their rivalry is a thing of beauty, but it is also a guarantee that their fight will be bloody. Trafalgar D. Law is famous in bringing down Donquixote Doflamingo and adding the leader of the Hawkins Pirate in his resume will surely catapult his reputation. Regarding the release date for One Piece Episode 918, as per reports, it will be officially out September 22. This is actually a good time for some fans to read back or catch up, especially the part wherein the cryptic warning was provided to Luffy D. Monkey