Anyone around in the 1960s will clearly remember Mary Poppins. The 1964 Film starred Julie Andrews as the titular magical nanny and Dick Van Dyke as her chimney sweep sidekick. Many children knew in that era that a spoonful of sugar would help their medicine go down. Now today’s children will have the same experience, complete with umbrellas.

Well, Mary Poppins is back and a new, full-length Disney trailer has been released for Mary Poppins Returns, this time starring Emily Blunt in the title role.

Full-length trailer released for Mary Poppins Returns

As can be seen from the trailer included at the end of this article, there will again be flying umbrellas, with old-school animated scenes and the dancing chimney sweep numbers we all know and love so well. However, this time there will be some additional magical adventures to engross the kids at Christmas time.

Emily Blunt magically takes over the role of the nanny in place of Julie Andrews, and she certainly appears to be doing a great job.

While Dick Van Dyke won’t be playing her famous chimney sweep friend this time around, he does appear in the film as Mr Dawes, a dapper-looking dancing character. The role of the chimney sweep pal is now played by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton: An American Musical fame.

Fast forward 25 years for the return of Mary Poppins

The film fast-forwards 25 years from the original story and now the Banks children are all grown up.

However, there are family problems and Mary swoops in to look after their children. The Banks family is in trouble and is about to lose their home, but it seems Poppins won’t let that happen.

Other noticeable cast members include Meryl Streep, who plays a cameo as Mary’s kooky cousin, Topsy.

Colin Firth plays William Weatherall Wilkins, who owns Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.

Michael Banks is played by Ben Whishaw, while Jane Banks is played by Emily Mortimer.

Emily Blunt is doing her own version of Mary Poppins

Blunt told People magazine back in April that her version of the magical nanny will be nothing like that played by Andrews. Emily said she didn’t watch the original film while filming was ongoing for the sequel. She said she had watched it as a child, but didn’t want to see all the details of Julie’s role as she has to do her own version of the character.

As noted by Harper’s Bazaar, Blunt went on to say that her perception of Mary Poppins in the original books was that the nanny was eccentric, a little batty, hilarious, vain and incredibly rude.

She said she likes the idea of sweeping in and taking over the situation in order to make it all great again.

Enjoy the official, full-length trailer for “Mary Poppins Returns” below. The new film is set to premiere in cinemas on 19 December, just in time for Christmas.