Rod Stewart is launching his new album “Blood Red Roses” at an exclusive London event at HMV’s leading store in Oxford Street next month. The veteran rocker also plans to open a new radio station from 10th September for a limited period of time called “Rod Stewart Radio”, which will feature his greatest hits.

The double-headed promotion of Rod’s undoubted musical talents and charismatic persona should ensure that his commercial popularity continues for the foreseeable future. While other ageing rock stars such as Elton John seem to be contemplating winding down their musical careers with farewell tours, the British crooner seems to be exploring extra avenues and seeking to reach out to an ever wider potential audience.

Stewart to visit HMV’s flagship store in London

Stewart will visit the flagship HMV store on October 3rd as he celebrates his 30th studio album’s release on 28th September, with “Blood Red Roses” coming three years after “Another Country” hit the shops. Speaking to US radio earlier this year as Cyndi Lauper and himself discussed their joint tour of America, Stewart spoke of his great satisfaction at how the new album on Republic Records had turned out. He described the fresh work as “absolutely fantastic. Even (if) I say it myself!"

The album is being offered as a 13-track standard package or a 16-track deluxe edition, promising a blend of poignant observation, self-reflective introspection and playful swagger.

The album features original recordings and three covers, with its first single “Didn’t I” pulling no punches as it describes the damage that drugs can do from a parent’s perspective.

Variety of musical genres featured

Taking the listener through a variety of genres and emotions, “Blood Red Roses” was co-produced with Kevin Savigar and encapsulates such diverse tastes as folk Music, Motown-influenced pop/R&B, good old-fashioned rock and roll, right through to heart-warming ballads.

Launch of new radio station

The 73-year-old London-born superstar – who was knighted in the 2016 Birthday Honour’s for services to music and charity – is also excited about “Rod Stewart Radio” coming into existence for a short time. Besides the opportunity to showcase songs recorded during his varied and lengthy musical career spanning five decades, the Rod Stewart-dedicated radio station provides a medium for performing live songs and divulging interesting showbiz stories.

Sirius XM will launch the new station on channel 30, following on from previous similar ventures covering material by other leading acts such as U2, The Beach Boys and Billy Joel.