According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the South Pasadena Police Department were conducting a welfare check on “ER” actress, Vanessa Marquez, 49, on Thursday at around noon. Marquez appears to be suffering from a medical condition and when officers arrived at her apartment, they called in paramedics from the fire department to tend to her medical needs.

At some stage during the encounter, Marquez pulled out what turned out to be a toy gun, pointing it at the police officers. The officers then shot and killed the actress.

Actress killed during a welfare check

According to a report by the Independent, the police officers arrived after Marquez’ landlord called them, saying the actress needed help. On arrival, the officers noted Marquez was having seizures, leading to them calling out the fire department paramedics. Marquez insisted she did not need medical help and appeared to be suffering mental health issues. A mental health clinician was called to the scene to try to persuade Marquez to seek medical help.

This went on for an hour and a half, after which time Marquez pulled out a replica BB gun, pointing it at the officers.

Officers then opened fire on Marquez, shooting at her. The former “ERactress was then taken to a local hospital where medical staff pronounced her dead. Police recovered the gun at the scene, finding it to be a replica semi-automatic handgun.

Stepanie DeWolfe, the city manager for South Pasadena said in a statement on 3 September that the police officers “acted appropriately” in the incident, under what she termed a “tragic set of circumstances.”

As reported by ET Canada, DeWolfe went on to ask the local public to respect the Sheriff’s Department’s investigative process, allowing the DA’s office to gather together all the facts.

She said it was unfortunate and sad that the incident ended so tragically, with Marquez losing her life and went on to say their thoughts are with the actress’s family and friends.

DeWolfe stressed that they support the South Pasadena Police officers and are standing by them as the investigation continues. She said her office believes the facts will reveal that the officers, as well as a medical health clinician, did everything in their power to resolve the difficult situation up until deadly force became necessary.

Vanessa Marquez did not wish to die

The Independent quotes Terence Canote, a friend of Marquez as saying the actress was suffering financial and health problems, but friends had seen no sign of mental issues or depression. Canote said Marquez still dreamed of one day winning an Oscar and making a comeback in her acting career. He went on to stress that Marquez was “looking forward to life,” adding that she was not a woman who wished to die.

Marquez played the role of nurse Wendy Goldman on the popular medical show “ER” with George Clooney from 1994 to 1997. She also starred in other television shows, including “Seinfeld,” “Malcolm & Eddie,” “Melrose Place” and “Nurses.”