It was reported on Wednesday that a mysterious woman had been captured on video by a doorbell security camera. The woman was wearing only a T-shirt, had no shoes and had what looked like broken wrist restraints on one wrist. Police have since tracked down the woman and have found her 49-year-old boyfriend dead from a gunshot wound.

As reported by the BBC, Lt. Scott Spencer of the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the 32-year-old woman had been found safe and is staying with her family in another state. However, she is believed to have been the victim of domestic violence.

Viral video shows woman ringing doorbell

The video captured by the doorbell security camera soon went viral when it was shared on social media. Inside Edition posted the video, along with footage of two other women, seen to be ringing doorbells in the dark of night. At first, viewers speculated that this might be the latest YouTube challenge – while not directly filmed by the perpetrators. It turns out all three women have been identified and are safe and sound. The video can be seen here.

One woman was in Fresno, California and was captured on video while hammering on a window of a house and demanding the owners let her in. The owner of the house is a retired police officer and the woman was cited for a misdemeanor vandalism charge.

Another woman in Toronto, Canada was also included on the video, was seen on video footage ringing a doorbell of a home. A car pulls up in the background and a man approaches, eventually dragging the woman away from the door by her hair.

Police tracked down the woman and she was found to be safe.

As reported by the Independent, the Montgomery woman luckily has also been found safe and sound.

Mystery woman’s boyfriend found dead

The woman's boyfriend was discovered by officers on Wednesday morning in a house 46 miles from Houston, Texas. According to Spencer, the man had called the Sheriff’s office and had made suicidal remarks. He was found dead from a gunshot wound.

Investigators found that the man’s girlfriend was the woman captured on a neighbour’s security video in Sunshine Ranch, Montgomery, Texas, ringing the doorbell at 3:20 AM on Friday. She was seen to be barefoot, wearing only a T-shirt and a broken restraint on her wrist. One neighbour who watched the video footage said the girlfriend looked very distressed.

The woman’s identity is being withheld at present as Montgomery Police believe she is the victim of domestic violence, but at least we now know that she is safe and being cared for. Police still need to determine why she was ringing doorbells late at night, and why she was wearing a wrist restraint.