Keanu Reeves has played some pretty cool characters, including his major role in “The Matrix” trilogy of movies and also “John Wick” 1 and 2. He is also considered to be an Internet hero for doing really cool things. His latest piece of shared fame involves a couple who got married over the past weekend. Jarrod Camara and Leslie Walker tied the knot in Santa Cruz, California, but beforehand had possibly the biggest thrill of their previously-single lives.

One of the groomsmen at the wedding suddenly spotted Reeves wearing motorcycle gear and relaxing in the bar at the Dream Inn hotel where the couple was to marry.

They figured why not approach the star to ask him if he would appear in the wedding photos to make the couple’s magic day complete.

‘The Matrix’ actor and the coolest wedding photos ever

Keanu was very happy and willing to pose with the newlyweds and of course, Jarrod and Leslie were thrilled too. The photos were shared widely on social media and as reported by indy100, one shared by the groom’s brother ended up on the “Keanu Being Awesome” subreddit where it naturally went viral.

Jordan Camara told the Huffington Post about the story and said Reeves was really cool about the whole deal.

When asked to pose in the photos, he immediately got up and headed over to shake the hands of everyone in the wedding party. Keanu then posed for the now famous photos. It turns out Jarrod is a huge Reeves fan.

It turns out the photoshoot took place shortly before the wedding ceremony and it made the happy couple even happier prior to tying the knot.

It was an experience they no doubt will never forget.

However, the Evening Standard did pose the question of whether this was some kind of promo for Keanu’s new and upcoming movie, “Destination Wedding” where he stars opposite Winona Ryder. Strangely enough, that Film involves a couple of miserable wedding guests who end up getting together.

‘John Wick’ star has done this kind of thing before

However, this is no unique experience – it seems it is a Keanu thing. It turns out Reeves did the exact same thing some weeks ago in New York City when he posed for an image with Moray and Maura who were about to get married.

That image is included below and it is clear to see that everyone was very happy, with Keanu giving the V for victory sign at the camera and Moray holding the bride’s bouquet, while smartly dressed in a kilt.

In January, someone also took some fun images which included a photobomb by Keanu Reeves in a bar.