After a two-year break to be with his family and look after his son Noah after he was diagnosed with cancer, Michael Bublé is officially back. The Canadian singer was on stage in Hyde Park on Friday night giving his first UK performance since his son’s diagnosis and gave a tremendous performance, despite the pouring rain.

However, before he started his set, Bublé, 42, gave an emotional speech to his 55,000 gathered fans, where he said he worried that he would no longer be any good at singing, which the audience soon cheered in support. Later in the set, and to the audience’s surprise and pleasure, Michael brought his son Noah up on stage.

Noah is diagnosed with cancer

As noted by The Guardian, Bublé and his wife, actress Luisana Lopilato, had publicly revealed Noah’s cancer diagnosis in November 2016 and had said they were stopping work to spend all their time with him. Noah is now recovering from his ordeal. The couple also has a two-year-old son, Elias.

Michael Bublé opens his set in Hyde Park

The Metro reports that as the crowd cheered, Bublé said this was exactly what he had hoped for. Michael said that after two years away from the stage, he was worried that he might never do it again and also said he was concerned his voice wouldn’t hold out that long.

As the rain poured down over Hyde Park, Bublé joked that he didn’t know if it was raining or if Frank Sinatra was crying in heaven right then.

He then said that despite the rain, the audience was all still there, but he added that this was England, where people drink and don’t care about the rain. Seeing the reaction of the crowd, he went on to say it wasn’t a concert and that it was “Love Island,” of which he is apparently a fan.

Noah comes up on stage

Bublé went on to sing several of his fan’s favourite songs, including “Home,” “Everything,” “Feeling Good” and “Haven’t Met You Yet.” He also performed a number of new tracks.

Bublé joked with the audience throughout his set and at one point stopped and asked the audience to sing “Olay.”

He then told them that this was what his son, Noah sang to him as he went to go on stage. To everyone’s surprise and delight, Noah himself then came up on stage to join his father.

Emotional ending to the Hyde Park set

Michael then told the audience at the end of the set that he had so much gratitude in his heart for their support and prayers. He spoke about how difficult it was after they received Noah’s cancer diagnosis saying their support had made a difference in his life. Michael then blew kisses at the audience, repeatedly saying, “I love ya” before he launched into a final song, “Always On My Mind.”