The Oxford band Glass Animals has been forced to cancel all their remaining international tour dates for 2018 after their drummer, Joe Seaward received serious injuries in a road accident in Dublin. Seaward was riding his bike when he was hit by a truck. While he survived, his leg and skull received several fractures and he was in a serious condition.

The band were set to play support slots on their tour with Beck and were planning on playing at the Open’er, Pohoda and Mad Cool festivals, but will not appear in any further gigs during 2018.

Band explains why they cancelled tour dates

The band released a statement on Instagram` to explain why they were cancelling several support slots with Beck and the dates at the various festivals while detailing what happened to Joe Seaward, their drummer.

As reported by the Oxford Mail, the band’s frontman explained that on the previous Monday, his best friend and the band’s drummer had been hit by a truck while riding his bike in Dublin. The statement said that Joe’s leg had been broken during the impact and that he had become tangled up in the trailer of the truck. While there, his skull received a complex fracture.

Joe Seaward is miraculously alive

NME quotes Glass Animals as going on to explain that thankfully and miraculously Seaward was still alive.

He has already gone through a couple of operations and is now reportedly well on the way to recovery. However, they did say it will be a difficult, long and winding road for Seaward, but that he was determined to get better. In 10 days he had already recovered a lot and they said they were optimistic that Joe would soon be back as his normal, “cheeky old self.”

Dave Bayley, a singer with the band, went on to confirm in several other posts on social media that all their future tour dates were cancelled, as Seaward’s injuries made it highly unlikely that he would be better in time for any of the dates.

In the meantime the band is doing what it can to help Joe get better and back on his feet. Bayley posted on the band’s Facebook page to say that Seaward has received a titanium pin in his leg and has had to undergo brain surgery, due to his “collapsed skull.” This has left him having difficulty in being able to speak.

Glass Animals initially achieved fame with their 2014 song “Zaba.” They received a nomination for a Mercury Prize in 2017. The band was to be travelling to the US, France, Germany and Spain to perform the various cancelled tour dates.