Following the controversy regarding the release of the TC Electronic pedal, “Pussy Melter”, the band Steel Panther have found themselves facing a backlash once again.

Guitarist Satchel collaborated with TC Electronic to design a new TonePrint delay pedal, the name quickly brought the product to the forefront of social media - but for all the wrong reasons. Despite the controversial name of the pedal, fuel was quickly added to the fire as the TC Electronic website described the product as being designed for those who aim for “glam rock guitar solos and wet floor signs”.

The impact since the pedal's release

Almost immediately following the pedal’s emergence onto the market, disheartened and frustrated fans took to social media to express their displeasure. Raphaelle Standell-Preston of the Canadian band, Braids, took to Twitter, stating that she was “super disappointed” in both the band and the company.

Further to Satchel’s comment requiring that the pedal have tone “as wet as the ladies on the front row”, Los Angeles musician Jessica Fennelly attacked the musician and company online.

Labelling the advertising and marketing of the product to be “outdated” and “obviously sexist”, the musician started a petition demanding the "vulgar product" be drawn from the market.

With 997 out of 1000 signatures in three days and still counting, Fennelly’s petition demonstrated how the needless sexism involved in the product was deemed offensive by many.

In light of the #MeToo movement, the TC Electronic company quickly removed the product from their website, apologising and claiming they had no intention to offend but wanted “simply to provide fans of Steel Panther with guitar presets made by Satchel”.

Despite the obvious offence caused by the easily misconstrued name and description of the TonePrint pedal, Steel Panther have decided to take an alternate approach to the company, showing no remorse towards those to whom they caused offence.

While the product has been removed from sale, guitarist, Satchel seems unable to put his juvenile persona to one side - instead choosing to mock the scandal. Rather than leave the controversy to diffuse, the musician rather took to social media to reignite it. In a recent tweet, the musician said that he aims to rename the TonePrint under the equally distasteful name of “Butthole Burner”. In case his blatant disregard towards those offended wasn't made clear enough, Satchel further added that “it will still melt your pussy, ladies” for good measure.

Response from those offended

Although musicians Fennelly and Standell-Preston have not yet responded to the musician’s comments, Steel Panther drummer, Stix Zadinia, felt the need to immerse himself in the scandal.

Over the past day, the drummer has been sure to keep the band in the spotlight by reeling off an excessive amount of tweets related to the story, including a range of images of existing pedals that could further be deemed as offensive.

The band, famous for being a parody of glam rock bands, have never been ones to shy away from the limelight. With songs such as “It Won’t Suck Itself”, “She’s on the Rag” and “Gold-Digging Whore” being all too frequently seen in their discography, it comes as no surprise that the band once again have shown their egotistical priorities to be firmly fixated on maintaining their image rather than the misogynistic message that they convey.