First came the reports of the hugely popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” pulling down its curtains as the 11th season was cancelled. Now latest online reports suggest that the new season has been given a green flag and the creator Chuck Lorre has himself confirmed the news through many online portals. TBBT as it is popularly known is about friends Leonard, Penny, Amy, Sheldon, Howard and Raj; it’s all about the geeks and their quirky relationships which results in situational humor.

Last year reports of the cast’s denial to sign on the season without a raise were also fresh.

Also Kaley Cuoco who essays the character of Penny on the show is said to be requesting sabbatical for child birth. But reports suggest that Kaley has signed the papers for Season 11 along with Johnny Galecki who essays the role of Leonard on the show.

Sheldon's teenage years in a prequel

One of the most popular characters on the show is undoubtedly that of Dr. Sheldon Cooper which is essayed by the 43 year old actor Jim Parsons. The saddening report is that he might not be a part of Season 11 as he is busy shooting a prequel for a series which focuses on Sheldon’s teenage life. The prequel will show Sheldon as a teenager and living in Pasadena with his mother and siblings. But the twist here is that Jim Parsons is not going to himself play the teenager in the prequel, he will be only producing it with others and will be behind the camera.

Jim Parson developing a new sitcom

Also rumors suggest that Jim is working on a new sitcom Lance 2.0 along with his boyfriend Todd. The new sitcom is rumored to be about a couple who goes through post accident changes that goes around in the partner and their relationship. Jim Parsons is also working behind the scenes for “The Monarchy is Going to Shit” which is about the throne of Andova.

With so many things going on in Jim Parson’s career all at once, it is only fair that he will have to let go of a few old ones to make place for a new beginning. There is no confirmation from the actor himself about acceptance or refusal about Season 11 of the sitcom on any online platform.

For now all we can do is pray that we get to see Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in Season 11 of “The Big Bang Theory”.