'Vangaveeti' collections: - Ram Gopal Varma's "Vangaveeti" movie collections at Ap/Tg and overseas box office income is reported here. Before checking the collections, let's see the film's response from the audience. The movie which released on Dec. 23rd, 2016 was opened up with a mixed response from the critics and the general public. Even though many applauded the movie from Ram Gopal Varma and the lead actors extraordinary performances, some of the audience expected more from the movie and were disappointed with it.

'Vangaveeti' movie first-day collections

The movie has a superb start at the box office on its opening day. It collected 2.8crores share from Ap/Tg box office on its first day of its release. The day 1 collections are best among Ram Gopal Varma's recent releases. However, the movie had a moderate run at the box office from its second days of its release, Let's check the collections below.

'Vangaveeti' collections until now at Ap/Tg box office

The movie collected 45 lakhs share from Krishna District in its 4days run at the box office. TheTotal AP/Tg collections will be close to 5.7crores share until now at the Ticket window. So far the collections are steady, and if it manages to do well in a further run, then it can collect anywhere between 8-13crores share at Ap/Tg in its final run.

'Vangaveeti' overseas and other areas collections until now

The film minted $35k on the 1st day, $10k on the 2nd day and $11k on the third day of its release in the USA. The Total USA collections of the movie until now are close to $63k.

The rest of the world and India collections are close to Rs.60 lakhs until now.

'Vangaveeti' total worldwide collections until now

The total worldwide collections of "Vangaveeti" movie until now are close to 6.5 crores in a 4-day run. Going by the trend, the movie can collect anywhere between Rs.9 to 14crores share in its final run at the worldwide box office.

Finally, let's wait and see how much it collects in its further run at the ticket window in a few more days.