"Sully: Miracle on the Hudson" is in Ireland and UK and feedback from moviegoers seems to be that this is a stunning movie. With so many different reviewers trying to put out an original take on movies they cannot always be believed so sometimes you just have to decide for yourself and take off to the Cinema.

Reviews of Sully on the Hudson can't always be believed

If you read Empire Online review by Olly Richards, you would have thought the discrediting of the captain who made the decision to land on the Hudson River after flying into a flock of geese was an indication of a story with no place to go.

After all, they tried to make a movie that really had only two major moments in reality. Although they agree that the frequent flashbacks to the moment of impact and the landing were magnificent enough to make sure they tell nobody to watch this movie in-flight, the overall review ended by the words "grounded," and that Tom Hanks' brilliant acting probably saved the movie.

'Sully' is certainly not boring

Clint Eastwood movies tend to either grip or bore viewers, and one thing about "Sully: Miracle on the Hudson" is that there is not a moment of boredom, even though there is the typical Eastwood layer of human skepticism that always has someone trying to stab the hero in the back. Clint Eastwood perhaps knows the rest of us humans better than we know ourselves, but he often elaborates on the theme to the point of limbo.

This is not really the case in this movie. Sully and the investigation into the crash actually adds to the tension because of course all of us watching think the man is a hero and we want to shout out - "NO!" when the question arises as to whether the captain did the right thing.

The original 'Miracle on the Hudson' is cool for comparison

This is where the movie veers away from the reality of 2009 and into the creative field because in real life the investigation did not lead to the pess and everyone else humiliating and vilifying the man who landed his plane without loss of life in the Huson River. To be fair to Clint Eastwood, without a plot about the captain and possible liability for bad decisions, we might all just as well go and watch the aircrash disaster documentray.

I bet there will be lots of people slipping over to Youtube to do just this - in a kind of comparison thing. So here it is: (This is a condensed version made just for this moment). And go ahead if you are scared of flying...it is a known fact that humans love to scare themselves witless which is why horror movies do so well. The great thing about the "Miracle on the Hudson" is that you can do this and not have to be in an aeroplane.

Feedback from moviegoers on Twitter

What are the people saying about this movie? Twitter, as we all know is a great place to get impressions from the public as it is quick and easy to have your say. Initial impressions when viewing all Tweets is that it is stunning, exciting and money well spent.

Here are some tweets that seem to back this up.

These are fantastic reviews from the people who count - you, the moviegoers. So this weekend should really be a movie at the cinema. In the meantime, you can warm up your appetite for "Sully: Miracle on the Hudson" by watching the trailer below.